‘JISOO SOLO UPDATE’: BLINKs Call Out YG Following BLACKPINK’s World Tour Dates

Amid the excitement over BLACKPINK’s much-awaited return, some BLINKs, especially Jisoo’s fans, expressed their frustrations at YG Entertainment after releasing the group’s world tour schedules. Here’s why fans are upset.

YG Entertainment Drops BLACKPINK’s ‘BORN PINK’ World Tour Poster + Dates

On August 9, YG Entertainment released a poster for BLACKPINK’s upcoming world tour, “BORN PINK,” on its official SNS.

The poster particularly contains information on performances in a total of four continental cities in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Although it is the first regional poster, not the entire world tour schedule, the 36 performances in 26 cities have already been announced. Starting with Seoul on Oct. 15 and 16, it is a journey to Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Hamilton, Chicago, Newark, and Los Angeles in North America until November.

BLACKPINK will then decorate the end of the year in Europe including London, Barcelona, Cologne, Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam in December.

'JISOO SOLO UPDATE': BLINKs Call Out YG Following BLACKPINK's World Tour Dates

(Photo : BLACKPINK World Tour Poster (YG Entertainment Twitter))

Afterwards, BLACKPINK will meet their fans from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Kaohsiung, Manila, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney and Oakland from January to June 2023.

As the phrase “AND MORE” has been added to the first poster, questions and expectations about the additional disclosure are growing.

BLINKs Urge YG Entertainment to Give Update on Jisoo’s Solo Debut

BLACKPINK Jisoo Draws Concerns Ahead of Comeback for THIS Reason

(Photo : Jisoo (Instagram))

Despite the excitement for BLACKPINK’s much-anticipated return, BLINKs are disappointed at YG Entertainment’s lack of updates on Jisoo’s solo career.

Recalling, Jisoo confirmed earlier this year that her solo album is set to be released in 2022. During a fan call, the idol even showed her confidence by replying, “Of course!”


In May, Jisoo also hinted at the concepts she wanted to try for her solo during an interview with the Rolling Stone.

Seven months had passed since the initial announcement but YG Entertainment has yet to make an official update about her debut.


(Photo : Instagram: @sooyaaa__)

What makes fans even more upset is that, if her solo debut will ever materialize, it seems it will be moved given the packed schedules of BLACKPINK for their world tour, not to mention their comeback promotion from August and September.

Based on the group’s calendar, February is the only month where members don’t have any schedules, but fans are already skeptical if this is be for Jisoo’s solo.

Among the four BLACKPINK members, Jisoo is the only member who is yet to debut as a soloist.

Supporters of the idol-actress clarified that they are not rushing Jisoo or pressuring her, but are merely asking for further details about it, as it also shows how excited the idol was about it herself.

Meanwhile, “JISOO SOLO UPDATE” trends worldwide on Twitter, where fans expressed their various sentiments about YG failing to fulfill Jisoo’s debut.

On the other hand, ahead of the world tour, BLACKPINK will pre-release the song “Pink Venom” and music video at 1 p.m. on August 19.

On September 16, the quartet will then officially release their full album, “BORN PINK.”

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