Jiyeon returns with short hair, the beauty no less beautiful than 7 years ago

Jiyeon returns with short hair, the beauty no less beautiful than 7 years ago

Just showing off a photo of short hair on social networks, Jiyeon has made people feverish because her beauty has not changed over time.

The top reputation and career are gone, but beauty is always something that cannot be taken away from Jiyeon.

During many years of operation, Jiyeon has never fallen in beauty. (Photo: Naver)

Recently, Jiyeon has become the focus of attention when reappearing on social networks with a different look. Only a few days ago, she had long hair. Today, the girl born in 1993 has transformed her personality with a bob hairstyle. This image quickly stormed the fan community.

This is also the first time Jiyeon left hair after 7 years since her solo debut in 2014. Also, from here, the images of T-ARA‘s member at two times have been compared by people.

Jiyeon shows off her latest image with stylish bob hair. (Photo: IG)

Originally a popular visual of K-pop, but during the debut until now, Jiyeon is usually only associated with long hair. The number of times she has short hair is only counted on her fingers. Jiyeon used to have shoulder-length hair when debuting with the song Never Ever. A short haircut is a right decision as it helps Jiyeon increase her sharp and seductive beauty, matching the image she shows in her first solo.

Jiyeon cut her hair short during her solo debut. (Photo: Naver)
Jiyeon in short hair years ago. (Photo: Naver)
Jiyeon personality, sharp of many years ago. (Photo: Naver)

Now that she is about to reach the age of 30, Jiyeon still retains a young beauty, even sharpness, salinity, but also increases a lot. Short hair helps the female idol to add a mature and elegant look.

Jiyeon is of course always a familiar name for K-pop, especially in Gen 2. There was a time, Jiyeon, YoonA, and Suzy were the top beauties of 2nd generation K-pop. High in K-pop, T-ARA is not only stirring up Asia thanks to the music, but also by the beauty of the girls. And the top face that has to mention is Jiyeon.

Jiyeon used to be crazy about her beauty. (Photo: Naver)
There was a time when Jiyeon was the top beauty of K-pop, comparable to YoonA and Suzy. (Photo: Naver)

There used to be a period of fever on all fronts, but when her career was still promising, Jiyeon was, unfortunately, “crushed” by a scandal that was not worth it. At present, the female idol is still actively engaged in art, but it is still difficult to regain the aura as before. Time has taken a lot of Jiyeon from fame to a successful career, but what still cannot “steal” away is the beauty of the goddess.

Jiyeon still maintains her form despite being overwhelmed by the scandal. (Photo: Naver)
Jiyeon’s beauty lately. (Photo: IG)
Jiyeon’s everyday photos received many compliments from netizens. (Photo: IG)
Jiyeon has been blooming in magazines recently. (Photo: Naver)

Although no longer a popular name or outstanding artistic activities, Jiyeon has always received great attention from the K-pop fan community thanks to her beauty that has never declined. Hopefully, in the future, T-ARA members will return with more outstanding projects.

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