KARA Confirms Reunion at 2022 MAMA Ahead of Goo Hara’s 3rd Death Anniversary

Ahead of Goo Hara’s third death anniversary, KARA members joined forces and announced their reunion at the 2022 MAMA Awards (formerly Mnet Asian Music Awards).

Among the K-pop groups in the industry, KARA is among those that underwent massive changes in the lineup. Nicole and Jiyoung left in 2014, while Sunghee left a year after its debut. It then welcomed Youngji after outshining other trainees in the reality show “Kara Project.”

 It also faced heartbreak when one of its original members, Goo Hara, died in 2019.

After going through these heartbreaking developments, the current and past members of the K-pop girl group will come together again as they continue to honor Hara’s legacy.

MAMA Confirms KARA’s Appearance

KARA Confirms Reunion at 2022 MAMA Ahead of Goo Hara's 3rd Death Anniversary


On Mnet MAMA’s official Twitter account, it confirmed that the five members of KARA – Gyuri, Seungyeon, Youngji, Nicole, and Jiyoung – would be part of the biggest awards ceremony in the K-pop industry.

The MAMA Awards, which was formerly known as the Mnet Asian Music Awards or MAMAs, will dominate the global music scene on November 29 as it welcomes K-pop artists and acts at the Kyocera Dome Osaka in Japan.

Aside from making an appearance, KARA will release their 15th-anniversary album, “MOVE AGAIN.” The project serves as the first KARA album Nicole and Jiyoung worked on after leaving the group years ago.

The members constantly sparked comeback rumors since they were spotted together to celebrate their 14th debut anniversary. Although Youngji was not present at that time, fans started to assume they would return with new music soon.

Newsen finally confirmed in June that the members would release a project with DSP Media and RBW working together to make it happen.

KARA Confirms Reunion at 2022 MAMA Ahead of Goo Hara's 3rd Death Anniversary


“Since all the members’ agencies are different and each agency cannot have the same needs, they are in a situation where specific discussions need to be made. The members have great affection for KARA, and they really appear to want to do a one-time event to celebrate the meaningful year [marking their] 15th anniversary,” the representative said.

KARA Confirms Reunion at 2022 MAMA Ahead of Goo Hara's 3rd Death Anniversary


After a few months of waiting, fans will be able to celebrate the special day with KARA members again.

In addition, the announcement came weeks before the group and their fans remember Hara, the original member who died in 2019.

What Happened to KARA’s Goo Hara? How Did She Die?

KARA’s return would have been completed if Goo Hara did not die.

KARA'S Goo Hara


In November 2019, Hara was found dead following several suicide attempts. She first worried fans in May of that year when she posted the word “Goodbye” on her Instagram account.

She was found unconscious inside her place but was able to be revived at a hospital. Since then, she had been open about her depression and how it worsened because of her ex-boyfriend, Choi Jong Bum.

After suffering assault and receiving threats from him, Hara claimed her own life. The Seoul Northern District Court’s ruling last month proclaimed that Choi Jong Bum should be held responsible for her death. Aside from paying the late idol’s family $55,000, he served one-year imprisonment in 2020 after being found guilty.

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