Knet laughed because they found out the “twin brother” of JYP after Grammy 2021, it turned out to be the ex-lover Taylor Swift!

Knet laugh because they found out the twin brother of JYP

After the 2021 Grammy Awards, global fans had the opportunity to talk enthusiastically about the awards awarded to artists as well as the performances of Hollywood superstars.

Kpop fans are equally interested in the appearance of BTS when the group had an excellent performance and resonated with the Grammy Awards although failed regretful. The global music scene has seen a relatively vibrant Grammy season.

Taylor Swift
BTS has “stormed” at the Grammy, but still has a “final boss”!

In addition to cult names such as Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, BTS, Kpop fans this year also pay attention to a special character that no one expected … That is Harry Styles!

Wow, what do Harry Styles do that Kpop fans care about?

Harry Styles is famous for being the young love of Taylor Swift, this is “as old as the Earth”. So why are kimchi fans so interested in the Hollywood entertainment industry’s famous character?

The story is nothing but Kpop fans discover the fact that Harry Styles and Park Jinyoung (JYP) – the president of JYP Entertainment are very similar!

Harry Styles is said to be very similar to …
… president of JYP Entertainment!

At first glance, everyone will not think that these two characters are the same because their looks are completely different, they don’t even have anything in common, the visuals are far apart from each other.

Until the images put these two artists side by side while performing on stage, or casual fashion moments, … everyone was surprised to acknowledge: wow, it looks similar!

How Harry Styles “feel the beat” …
… just like JYP!

Harry Styles’ style lately is a bit “extreme”, this is quite similar to the power president JYP when he constantly appears with bold outfits on stage, and right away in real life too.

Even the same “pink”!

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