Knet was bored when they watched the moment when Lia (ITZY) dropped her movements and missed the beat: “How can her debut in JYP?”

Since ITZY’s debut up to now, Lia’s dancing skills have always been underestimated compared to her teammates. She often reveals moments of superficial dancing, rigid movements, or lack of enthusiasm on stage. Recently, the female idol became the focus of controversy again after Korean netizens “dug” ITZY’s repertoire at SBS Gayo Daejun 2020 festival.

Roly Poly (T-ara) – ITZY cover (SBS Gayo Daejun 2020)

Intro + Not Shy – ITZY (SBS Gayo Daejun 2020)

At the ceremony, ITZY covered T-ara’s senior hit Roly Poly and performed the song “ Not Shy ”. In the dance break of Not Shy, Lia missed the move and missed the beat compared to the rest of the members. While the others performed the choreography well and immersed themselves in the performance, she was visibly confused, bewildered, making viewers wonder if she didn’t have time to practice or what?

Lia (leftmost) danced incorrectly, deviating from her teammates’ rhythm.

This is not the first time Lia dances wrong or acts superficially on stage, so netizens feel bored when ITZY’s main vocal continues to make mistakes. Someone wondered why she was able to debut in JYP.

The groups from this company are famous for their equal dance skills, but ITZY alone, the other 4 members are so appreciated that they can be the main dancers of another group. Lia “drowned” than her teammates, so many times she was criticized for breaking the lineup.

Lia has been criticized because this is not the first time she has shown her poor performance skills.

Knet commented:

  • It’s not like she just made this mistake once or twice. That’s why to be criticized. You need to improve your skills.
  • Roly Poly is amazing … How is she able to debut in JYP …
  • But every time I watch Lia dance, it hurts me. Does it really feel like her body is not obeying her control?
  • Quite serious … I don’t really care about idols but drop by and see clearly that the other 4 people are extremely hardworking.
  • The whole group is paid to perform properly, but do they not want people to support them forever if they do not finish? Indeed this girl is not good.

However, the fan explained that Lia was sick that day so that she couldn’t perform well. Even the female idol has to be hospitalized immediately after recording, so it is not fair to criticize her just for a moment of negligence on stage.

Lia had health problems and even had to be hospitalized, so fans thought she couldn’t do well on stage.

Previously, the lead vocalist ITZY once confessed that it was not that she was not enthusiastic on stage, just that she was not good at this. Even Lia feels sorry for being supported by everyone around her, but she doesn’t really enjoy the joy of having mistakes. However, Lia will have to work harder to catch up with her comrades due to the lack of skills and change the public’s gaze.

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