Lee Jin Hyuk’s Gesture, Remark To Red Velvet Wendy Backfire– What Happened?

Lee Jin Hyuk earned divided opinions after he did THIS to  Wendy. Do you think he was rude towards the Red Velvet member? Here’s what happened.

Lee Jin Hyuk Teases Red Velvet Wendy’s Drowsy Eyes, Snaps Fingers at Female Idol

Lee Jin Hyuk's Gesture, Remark To Red Velvet Wendy Backfire– What Happened?

(Photo : Jinhyuk snapping fingers at Wendy (Wikitree))

On September 3, Lee Jin Hyuk’s behavior towards Red Velvet Wendy drew attention after his guest appearance on the latter’s radio show, “Wendy’s Youngstreet Radio,” aired on the 2nd.

In context, the two celebrities became a hot topic on Twitter after numerous ReVeluvs (Red Velvet fandom) noticed how the male idol acted towards Wendy during the broadcast.

First, fans emphasized her “rude” remark, which started when Lee Jin Hyuk commented on Wendy’s eyes saying:

“Noona, your eyes look like they disappeared when looking at the camera.”

As a response, the “Feel My Rhythm” singer explained that it was because her eyes is swollen on that day.

However, the male idol continued teasing her, pointing out her trembling eyelids as well. Lee Jin Hyuk jokingly stated that Wendy should eat more bananas because she might be lacking magnesium.

Throughout the broadcast, Lee Jin Hyuk repeatedly called out Wendy for having drowsy eyes. He even snapped his fingers at Wendy, exclaiming:

“Hold on, noona! Your eyes are losing focus!”

At the same time, Wendy continuously denied it everytime Lee Jin Hyuk would point out her eyes, sometimes brushing them aside with laughter.

Was Lee Jin Hyuk Disrespectful? Idol Gesture, Remark Draw Criticism

Red Velvet Wendy

(Photo : Instagram: @todayis_wendy)
Red Velvet Wendy

Following the broadcast, K-pop fans were quick to share the clips on Twitter, which earned divided opinions.

Many of the female idol’s accused the “Crack” singer of being disrespectful, especially when he snapped his fingers at her given that Wendy’s his senior. Red Velvet Wendy debuted in 2014, while UP10TION, the group to which Lee Jin Hyuk belongs, was launched in 2015.

His “flirty” remark and tone didn’t sit well with fans as well. Here are some of the many comments written online:

  • “If you’re going to joke around, you should just do it once. He said it over and over again, saying, ‘It’s a joke’.”
  • “You’re consistently annoying.”
  • “Look back on yourself why you keep talking.”,
  • “It’s rude.”

Lee Jin Hyuk Ctrl V

(Photo : Instagram: @ljh_babysun)

On the other hand, there were people defending Lee Jin Hyuk, stating it was not a problem and left comments:

  • “The two just look very close.”
  • “If you feel uncomfortable looking at these two, you don’t have any friends.”
  • “They debuted around the same year and their age gap is not that big, they might be closer than what people see.”
  • “I’m not really sure if it’s that bad behavior.”
  • “I didn’t think this would even become an issue.”

Lee Jin Hyuk's Gesture, Remark To Red Velvet Wendy Backfire– What Happened?

(Photo : Jinhyuk,Wendy at Youngstreet Radio (Twitter))

In fact, this is not the first time Wendy and Lee Jin Hyuk appeared in the same show together.

In 2021, the male idol appeared as a special guest, and in April 2022, he appeared as a special DJ to substitute for Wendy, proving their close friendship.

What are your thoughts on this?

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