Male Fan Breaks Into Stage, Approaches Former 2NE1 CL– Here’s What Happened

Former 2NE1 CL suffered a concerning disturbance during a university festival after a male fan suddenly jumped up the stage and approached her.

What happened?

Male Fan Breaks Into Stage During CL’s Performance, Idol Earns Praises for Professionalism

On September 29, former 2NE1’s leader turned solo artist CL joined the impressive lineup of Chung Ang University’s first fall festival in about three years held in Seoul. The female idol particularly appeared as a special guest performer for the school’s five-day fall festival, “2022 LUCAUS: BORN AGAIN.”


(Photo : Instagram: @chaelincl)

The festival was exceptional and incredible not until a sudden commotion happened when an audience invaded the stage while CL was performing.

In particular, CL was in her performance for “Doctor Pepper” when a male fan interrupted and approached her.

The unknown man was seen running behind the stage as if he couldn’t control his emotions and tried to hug the star.

CL who was alerted by other fans was initially shocked, but she was admired for her professionalism when she hugged the male audience back, jumped together and even offered him the microphone to sing some of the song’s lines.

Fortunately, the man came down from the stage on his own with belated restraint and clarified to CL that he was a fan.


(Photo : Instagram: @chaelincl)


When CL completed the stage and on her way to home, the fan sent her off at the parking area and yelled:

“CL, I’m sorry for intruding. I love you!”

CL showed a skillful way of solving the situation by waving her hand and greeting the man.

BlackJacks Criticize University’s Security After CL’s Stage Interrupted by Male Audience

Fortunately, the stage ended well and the problem didn’t escalate into a bigger issue, thanks to CL’s professional way of handling the disturbance.

Observing the surprised and confused reaction of the singer, it seems like the fan came up to the stage on his own accord; nevertheless, CL still treated him well with a smile on her face, which only an idol with 14 years of experience can do.

Former 2NE1 CL Reveals She Is Working On A New Music + Don't Miss Out Blackjacks!

(Photo : Former 2NE1 CL (Instagram)

Still, BlackJacks (fandom of 2NE1) expressed their frustrations due to the alarming situation that could’ve caused something unpleasant, if the person turned out to be a harmful individual.

Due to this, fans are voicing their concerns through the video and complained about the poor security of the university where personnel tried to stop the man, not until he stormed onto the stage.

As the video spread through SNS, people are criticizing, Chung Ang University’s lack of safety, saying:

  • “What were you going to do if she’s actually in trouble?”
  • “What is the security team doing?”
  • “Why are you so complacent about safety?”

In the past, there have been several situations that have become a problem for the safety of singers due to the audience who broke in during the festival stage.

One terrifying incident was when Girls’ Generation Taeyeon was almost dragged out with her wrist held by an unidentified man and there was an accident in which Sunny, the same member, stopped her.

taeyeon sasaeng

(Photo : Kenh14) Taeyeon grabbed by a sasaeng

In addition, Huh Gak avoided the stage for a while because a drunk person who broke into the stage took away the microphone and complained.

The recent CL incident is also a situation in which a male audience has continued to engage in sexual harassment such as jumping on the stage and hugging CL, which is causing anxiety among fans and the public anxiety.

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