MAMAMOO With vs Without Makeup: How Does Each Member Look?

Following MAMAMOO’s debut as a four-member group under RBW Entertainment back in June 2014, the group became well-known for their amazing vocals, earning them positions as one of the top vocalists in the industry. With their continuous popularity, MAMAMOO cemented as a power vocal group.

But underneath their stellar performances and makeup, the members also receive a lot of love from fans for their beautiful visuals. With that, check out how Solar, Wheein, Moonbyul, and Hwasa look when they aren’t making jaws drop with their voices.

How Does Each MAMAMOO Member Look With vs Without Makeup?


(Photo : Facebook: MAMAMOO)
MAMAMOO Solar with makeup

Solar has undoubtedly earned the love of tons of fans for being the leader and vocalist of MAMAMOO. But aside from that, she also received praise for her beauty. When she is on stage promoting as a MAMAMOO member, Solar’s makeup tend to be on the more sexier side, with the makeup style focusing on a bold lip color.

Solar’s eye makeup when promoting usually consist of a neutral-colored eyeshadow that is topped off with glitters. She also accentuates her eyes by drawing a long and thin eyeliner. To complete her look, Solar highlights her lips by using a bold shade of red or pink lipstick. Or when she attending to activities off the stage, she switches out her bold colors for softer lipstick shades.


(Photo : Newsen)
MAMAMOO Solar without makeup

But when Solar isn’t on stage, the singer isn’t afraid to ditch the makeup and go barefaced. When her face is makeup-free, Solar stuns with her clear and glowing skin. In fact, she doesn’t look any different at all from when she had makeup on!


(Photo : Instagram: @whee_inthemood)
MAMAMOO Wheein with makeup

For Wheein, the “Redd” singer also radiates a fierce aura when she is performing on stage. Her makeup is similar to Solar’s during their group promotions, however, Wheein’s is a bit more softer compared to Solar’s. She also usually puts more emphasis on her lip makeup.

Just like Solar, Wheein uses more neutral-toned colors for her eyeshadow, and pairs it off with glitter in some ocassions. But for her eyeliner, Wheein draws her eyeliner shorter, and sometimes adds eyeliner on her bottom eyelash as well. As for her lipstick, she also goes for bold colors such as pink and reds.

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(Photo : in_thelove)
MAMAMOO Wheein without makeup

When Wheein isn’t on group activities, the idol still shows off her elegance with her makeup-free visuals. She also doesn’t look that much different without makeup.


(Photo : Facebook: MAMAMOO)
MAMAMOO Moonbyul with makeup

Moonbyul’s makeup style varies depending on the concept, and she usually takes on the more quirkier kinds of makeup. But on a normal basis while she is promoting with MAMAMOO, Moonbyul’s makeup emphasizes more her eyes and lips.

When she is on stage, Moonbyul’s eye makeup flaunts a smokey eyeshadow in brown shades. She also adds a bit of glitter to her eyeshadow, although she can usually be seen without it. As for her lipstick, her go-to colors are usually in shades of pink.


(Photo : Mooruck)
MAMAMOO Moonbyul without makeup

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But when Moonbyul isn’t wearing any makeup, the rapper flaunts her blemish-free and smooth skin. In fact, it looks like she decreased a couple of years to her age!


(Photo : Instagram: @_mariahwasa)
MAMAMOO Hwasa with makeup

And finally, MAMAMOO’s youngest member Hwasa is well-known for not adhering to South Korea’s beauty standards, which made fans love her even more. When it comes to Hwasa’s makeup, her style is more western, which makes her look even more mature and sexy.

For her makeup, Hwasa’s eye makeup usually consist of a dark, smokey eyeshadow. And unlike the rest of her members, Hwasa doesn’t normally add glitters to her eyes. She also keeps her eye line simple with a short, angled eyeliner. And unlike the usual long, straight eyebrows on idols, Hwasa’s is thin and arched.


(Photo : Instagram: @_mariahwasa)
MAMAMOO Hwasa without makeup

When she isn’t busy promoting, Hwasa is one of the idols who often flaunts her makeup-free visuals. If her wearing makeup makes her look edgy and sexy, her makeup-free face makes her look more innocent and easy-going.

What do you think of the members’ visuals when they have makeup versus without it?

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