Neverlands Unhappy About (G)I-DLE’s Line Distribution For ‘Nxde’ — Here’s Why

Amid praises, (G)I-DLE’s line distribution for their new song, “Nxde,” drew divided opinions from Neverlands, particularly fans of Miyeon. What happened?

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(G)I-DLE Miyeon’s Number of Lines From ‘Nxde’ Gains Mixed Reaction– Here’s What Happened

As (G)I-DLE made their comeback with their new song “Nxde,” their fandom Neverlands (Nevies), specifically Miyeon’s fans, continue to protest against “unfair” line distribution.

In particular, (G)I-DLE made their much-awaited comeback, following “TOMBOY,” with their 5th mini-album, “I love” on October 17. Following the release, its main track, “Nxde,” immediately took first place on the real-time charts of domestic music sites, such as MelOn, Genie, and Bugs.

Neverlands Unhappy About (G)I-DLE's Line Distribution For 'Nxde' - Here's Why

(Photo : Miyeon (Instagram))

Despite initial success, the song encouraged discussion online, pointing out flaws in the line distribution. 

Among members’ supporters, Miyeon’s domestic and foreign fans began to pour out complaints through various online communities after finding out that the female idol got the least lines from the track.

Netizen A expressed their anger, saying:

“It’s been five years since her debut, and Miyeon’s part is decreasing day by day. Is she really the main vocalist? In this new song ‘Nxde’, Miyeon’s part is only 18 seconds. Is there any other group other than girls whose main vocalist is at the bottom? (in terms of line distribution rankings).”

Another fan agreed and added:

“If a member wasn’t there, the overall part should increase, but Miyeon’s part decreased even after Seo Soojin’s withdrawal. Not only this time, but Miyeon couldn’t take over the main part alone even though there were a total of five times in ‘Tomboy’.”

Neverlands Unhappy About (G)I-DLE's Line Distribution For 'Nxde' - Here's Why

(Photo : Miyeon (Instagram))

Fans continuously emphasized that Miyeon is the group’s main vocalist to justify why she needed to have more lines from the song.

As a result, Miyeon’s Chinese fanbase, MIYEON CHINA, also released its official statement on Twitter to call for fair treatment to members, especially to Miyeon, regarding line distribution.

“Our fan club has purchased a total of more than 100,000 copies, including Miyeon’s solo and (G)I-dle group albums so far, and this fifth mini-album ‘I LOVE’ is also included. So far, we have ordered 36,655 copies. However, during the (G)I-DLE comeback activities, artist Cho Miyeon seems to have not been properly treated as the idol’s main vocalist.”

Neverlands Unhappy About (G)I-DLE's Line Distribution For 'Nxde' - Here's Why

(Photo : Miyeon (Instagram))

The fanbase further complained:

“After the team reorganization, Cho Miyeon’s title song part distribution as a vocalist is the last in the group with a total of 226 seconds. Also, on stage, Miyeon is always standing around, and the time she is exposed to the center is also last in the team.”

Lastly, the Chinese fans asked for the company’s response:

“Immediate reflection and feedback on the needs of fans can promote the group’s positive development. Therefore, on behalf of Miyeon’s Chinese fan club, We are protesting against the agency. We hope your company values the needs of fans and seriously plans Miyeon’s artist development path by facing the unfair treatment problem that your artist Cho Miyeon cannot express as a team vocalist.”

Neverlands Defend (G)I-DLE Soyeon For THIS Reason Following Line Distribution Issue

Neverlands Unhappy About (G)I-DLE's Line Distribution For 'Nxde' - Here's Why

(Photo : Soyeon (Instagram))

While the Chinese fandom only addressed their concerns to Cube Entertainment following this issue, some fans took their disappointment to Soyeon, who is the member mostly involved in the production and songwriting, as well as the member who has the most authority when it comes to the group’s line distribution.

In particular, some noticed that Soyeon has the most lines from the song, that’s why Miyeon’s supporters hope that she will consider giving the vocalists more lines in their succeeding songs.

But Soyeon’s fans defended the idol, clarifying that it is not true that she’s taking most of the lines, posting the line distribution for the whole album then.

They also explained that Miyeon is not being treated unfairly since she got a solo album, individual promotion and that she shouldn’t always have the most lines even if she’s the main vocalist.

Some miyeon supporters responded:

Amid all of this, Neverland pointed out that the members are communicating well and the line distribution should be taken to Cube’s attention, rather than “hating” Soyeon.

What are your thoughts on this?

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