NMIXX Haewon’s Height Gets Compared to THIS Weeekly Member

In a NATE post, a fan noticed that the height of NMIXX vocalist Haewon and THIS Weeekly member are the same due to the high heels the NMIXX member is wearing.

However, in their profile, their heights are almost the same. JYP Entertainment listed NMIXX Haewon’s height as 163cm, while the Weeekly member stands at almost 165 cm.

Who is the Weeekly member and what is Haewon’s real height? Read on to know!

NMIXX Haewon Speculated Real Height

On a special stage at Dream Concert 2022, Weeekly Jihan, Kep1er Chaehyun, and NMIXX Haewon covered IU’s song “Strawberry Moon.”

The three were beside each other singing the song. When the camera panned out to show the stage, the whole body of the idols was also shown. 

In the event, the NMIXX member was wearing really high black heels while Weeekly Jihan was only wearing flat shoes.

Because of this, the PANN post said NMIXX Haewon’s height cannot be for real, because how can she have those high heels and have the same height as Weeekly Jihan?

Weeekly Jihan

(Photo : Instagram: @_weeekly)
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Many commenters speculated that JYP Entertainment must have faked her height. People claimed there is no way she is at 163cm.

“What 163? She’s not even 158, she’s probably in the mid-150s?.. This is a proportion that even commoners don’t have”

“But that’s indeed weird. Jihan isn’t even wearing heels meanwhile Haewon is almost wearing 10cm heels, but their heights are barely different”

Other comments even noted that this is a thing that many female idols do, fake their profile’s height.

“Female idols always hide their height. Jennie claims to be 163, but she’s not even 160.”

Fans Reacot To NMIXX Haewon’s Proportions

On the other hand, fans are saying that Haewon has short legs but a really long torso and the heels she’s wearing do not complement her body proportions at all.

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(Photo : NMIXX Twitter)
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Some of them also noticed that Korean stylists don’t really care about an idol’s proportions or body figure when picking clothes for them.

“I’ve noticed a lot of idols stylists don’t really know how to dress them for their shape. As long as the idol is skinny and pretty they just put them in anything that coordinates with their group members. They never take account of what could or could not be flattering.”

Also, it is not the idol’s fault that they have that body or that their company has put the wrong height on their profile.

Idols Faking Profile To Achieve Korean Beauty Standards

Some people claim that many K-pop idols fake their height and weight on their profile to fit the beauty standards set by Korean society. Though it is really hard to conform to it, some idols get plastic surgeries and many more just to achieve the beauty standards. Another comment on the PANN post said:

“The worst thing is that EVERYONE KNOWS companies lie about idols’ heights, regardless of their gender. They always try to say idols are taller than they actually are. So why hate on the idol? Hate the company and the stylist who obviously doesn’t know how to dress a pretty girl.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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Written by Jaswin Singh

Credit: KpopStarz

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