NSWERs Find NMIXX’s Stage Outfits Unfit After Seeing THIS

NMIXX is one of the rookie girl groups that has made waves in the K-pop industry this year. They have amassed thousands of fans even before their debut due to their talents and beauty.

However, some of their fans are not really happy with their stage outfits and makeup styles. For them, these hinder the real beauty of the members, especially after seeing them in THIS.

What was the picture that made an NSWER say that? Continue scrolling to know!

NSWERs Want Simpler & More Casual ‘Fits For NMIXX

In a PANN post, a fan posted a photo of NMIXX outside their usual outfits, dressed in jean shorts and white t-shirts. The girls have also visibly less makeup compared to when they perform their songs on stage.

NMIXX with Simple Clothes

(Photo : JYP EDM – Twitter)
NSWERs Find NMIXX’s Stage Outfits Unfit After Seeing THIS

Because of that, many NSWERs think that simple styles would suit NMIXX so well. The poster said in their post that”

“They look way brighter with lighter makeup and with a white t-shirt with jeans”

“Sullyoon is insane”

“Honestly, pretty kids are prettiest when they dress themselves simply.”

“What’s up with the excessive editing at the bottom? They look even prettier in the video.”

“Haewon suits this kind of style the best”

“No, but f*ck what’s up with Sullyoon she’s f****************Cking pretty seriously”

NSWERs Appreciate ‘DICE’ Stage Outfits

On the other hand, international fans of NMIXX have different opinions. Many of them think that the colorful and unique stage outfit is what sets them apart from the rest of the newly debuted rookie girl groups.

NSWERs Find NMIXX's Stage Outfits Unfit After Seeing THIS

(Photo : MBC Entertainment – Twitter)
NMIXX Stage outfit for “DICE”

“Am I the only one who likes NMIXX stage outfits? It’s not easy to style 7 girls with different images and body types. I can see that the stylist put a lot of effort into every girl’s outfit. Some ppl said their outfit seems outdated and remind them of 2015-2016 kpop outfits but IMO the styling suits the NMIXX concept. Quirky, experimental, colorful”

Another commenter shared their love for NMIXX outfits, saying:

“No, I’ve loved most of their outfits from debut as well and I’ve seen plenty of other fans enjoy them as well. I really like how like you said they get varied outfits that (most of the time not always) fit with their body types and their concept. And I like how they feel cohesive and made for them and not only just a bunch of designer brand stuff thrown together to look expensive or whatever.”

How about you, what do you think of NMIXX’s stage outfits? Do you like them as well?

NMIXX's Stage Outfits

(Photo : NMIXX – Twitter)
NSWERs Find NMIXX’s Stage Outfits Unfit After Seeing THIS

Nonetheless, both fans agree that the members of NMIXX are absolutely gorgeous no matter what.

NMIXX First Music Show Win

NSWERs are hoping that NMIXX will win later at KBS “Music Bank” with their comeback song “DICE”. This is going to be the rookie girl group’s first-ever win on a music show.

NMIXX Stage Outfit For 'DICE'

(Photo : NMIXX – Twitter)
NSWERs Find NMIXX’s Stage Outfits Unfit After Seeing THIS

Fans are doing their best in voting and streaming to give NMIXX the trophy for latter’s music show even though it is not even a year into their debut.

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