Red Velvet Irene Captivates Hearts Anew For Her Iconic Eyeshadow Makeup

This eyeshadow makeup is considered “horrendous,” but when Irene tried it, the singer proved she’s the “OG visual queen”! Here’s how the Red Velvet leader looked like with the “unflattering” makeup on!

Red Velvet Irene Goes Viral For Iconic Visuals Rocking THIS Eyeshadow Makeup

(Photo : Reply 1988 Dukseon | Red Velvet Irene (@wndmrymxff Twitter | Music Core))

Following Red Velvet’s recent comeback with “Birthday,” Irene has been continuously garnering rave reviews from K-pop fans for her stunning visuals.

On December 6, the group’s leader went viral online for her look that can’t be easily achieved by anyone.

A fan wrote a post that talked about Irene’s unconventional eyeshadow makeup, flaunting vibrant and pigmented eye colors.

In music broadcasts, the idol showed off her perfect face even though she was wearing blue or green eyeshadow, the colors that most people avoid due to their “unflattering” result.

Despite this, Irene looked pretty and suited the makeup. 

Over Twitter, people are expressing their desire to try out the look now that Irene did it.

One hilarious response also visualized themselves trying the colorful eyeshadow by referencing to a “Reply 1988” scene. This is the part where the main character Deok Sun (Girl’s Day Hyeri) tried doing her makeup by herself and ended up putting “horrendous” amount of blue eyeshadow and pigmented red lipstick.

With this, fans feel like Red Velvet Irene is the only one who can slay the look!

People were also surprised that Irene tried this kind of eyeshadow makeup when she was known for her simple look.

In fact, Irene’s visuals are gorgeous enough that she requires just little to no layer of makeup to transform into a goddess!

  • “Since she’s pretty no matter what she does, I think she’s more focused on the concept of “pretty no matter what.” I’ve seen a lot of pretty things, so it’s fun to see something cool.”
  • “I thought it was so unique and pretty…Since the concept is birthday, I think it’s a fun makeup because it’s a retro style.”
  • “How can idols always do the same thing? Idols need to do shocking makeup (like this) often to have fun”
  • “All I know is that Irene is pretty.”
  • “It’s not fun if you’re just going to look pretty at everything… It’s fun when there’s a conceptual one.”

Red Velvet Drops ‘Birthday’ Performance Video

Meanwhile, Red Velvet continuues to make an impact with their newly-released mini-album, “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday.”

 On December 7, SM Entertainment said:

“The ‘Birthday’ performance video, which was released on YouTube’s Red Velvet channel at 6 p.m. KST on the 6th, caught the eye as you could see Red Velvet’s new song performance full of freewheeling and hip energy at a glance.”

Red Velvet Joy & aespa Karina Spotted In Same 'Fits Thrice – Who Slayed Better?

(Photo : Red Velvet Instagram)

In the album released on November 28, the quintet presented the title track “Birthday,” which is a trap rhythm-based pop dance song that samples George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue.”

Following its release, the team immediately topped the domestic music and album chart including sitting atop 47 regions in iTunes top album charts. Red Velvet also ranked first in China’s QQ music digital album charts, as well as music video charts, global and Korean categories.

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