Rosé Gift The Group Of Dancers A Bunch Of High-end Brands, But In A Way Especially Emotional

Rosé Gift The Group Of Dancers A Bunch Of High-end Brands, But In A Way Especially Emotional

Rosé (BLACKPINK) is currently causing fever everywhere with her solo “On The Ground”. On stage, she shines brightly with the support of powerful dancers. In real life, the female idol also has a close friendship with the dancers, and recently, she surprised netizens by giving dancers full of expensive branded items.

This was discovered by fans when the dancers posting pictures of the gifts on Instagram and thanked Rosé. The expensive gifts from the high fashion brand she represents show how generous Rosé is.

Not only that, “Australian Rose” does not buy gifts in bulk, but choose gifts suitable for each person, write their own sincere thanks, and send fresh flowers to the dancers. This detail touched many fans by the sincere care the female idol gave her to the people who helped her to get a perfect performance on stage.

Rosé generously gave gifts of branded goods …
… for the dancers who performed with her
The dancers have posted expensive gifts on their social to thank Rosé
“Our Chaeyoung (real name of Rosé) is such a lovely person. She prepared gifts for each of us. I was very touched” – written by a dancer.
“I’m crying” – another exclaimed
“She even chose gifts for each person.” A dancer revealed that Rosé did not buy gifts in bulk, instead, she spent time learning about each gift that is right for each person.

“Chaeyoung is so sweet. I was touched by how she prepared everything carefully” – the dancers couldn’t help but be touched by the gift of main vocal BLACKPINK

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After the great successes of Rosé, Lisa is the next member of Black Pink that fans expect to bring an impressive solo debut in the near future.

Blinks!!! The day of Lisa’s solo debut is coming very close!