Rosé was “unkindly” and “blandly” criticized for making up the story of “harming” Lisa on the TV show

Rosé was "unkindly" and "blandly" criticized for making up the story of "harming" Lisa on the TV show

On March 20, Rosé (Black Pink) appeared on JTBC’s Knowing Brothers show. During the show, she was controversial when telling an incident involving Lisa.

Rosé recalled the situation Lisa met while performing Forever Young at a concert in 2018: “Then the members stood on each stage and the podiums would gradually be raised. But that day, Lisa’s podium was having problems so Lisa was frozen in place “. Rosé re-performed Lisa’s panicked expression while performing as if she wanted to say “let me in” by Lisa.

The story that Rosé gave at Knowing Brothers was criticized by Lisa fans for being untrue. The fans are frustrated to give fancam clips at this stage as proof that Lisa is always professional, keeping calm when having problems, not rolling her eyes in panic as described by Rosé.

Fans said that Rosé shamelessly lied when she stood up high, unable to see Lisa’s expression at the bottom but still carefree to tell the story. The main vocalist of Black Pink was opposed to making fun of her best friend on television, using Lisa’s story to attract people, but jokingly blandly, ungainly. The forced smiles of the Knowing Brothers members are said that.

Fancam proves that Lisa is not panicking as she tells Rosé.

Some comments:
+ This is not a joke, please respect Lisa, we can see on the fancam that Lisa doesn’t even panic, she’s still very professional.
+ The gap between humorous and ungainly it’s very delicate.
+ Having no talent for the show, bringing your story on television not only does not save the situation but also adds too many details.
+ This is not a joke, that intentionally spills dirty water, “drowning” friends on TV.
+ From a professional, through the words of Rosé to someone who panicked when something happened?
+ She thought she was funny but not, so ungainly. Low EQ, deliberately defeating other people.

Lisa came to support her best friend’s solo debut.

Before the controversy, fans of Rosé said that Rosé and Lisa are very close to each other. Maybe Lisa told Rosé what was in her mind when the incident happened and Rosé just humorously described, not intentionally defeating her best friends on television.

“Don’t judge Rosé. She knows Lisa better than we do, she’s been Lisa’s friend for 10 years and you really believe she’s making up a story? Maybe Lisa and Rosé talked backstage at the concert and Lisa described to Rosé in a funny way? ” – a fan commented on YouTube.

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