Sandara Confesses Side Effects After She Did THIS To Face– What Happened?

“I wondered why you looked so young…” In a broadcast, 37-year-old Sandara Park, formerly of 2NE1, revealed what happened to her face after doing THIS.

As the entertainment scene finally enters the era where plastic surgery and procedures are not considered a flaw, stars who confessed to enhancing their appearances also emerges.

In the midst of this, another celebrity who openly confessed to getting a cosmetic procedure is drawing attention. This person is none other than former 2NE1 Dara.

Sandara Candidly Talks About Side Effects of Facelift

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(Photo : Sandara Park (Instagram))

On November 9, comedian Kim Min Kyung, K-pop idol Sandara Park, and Park So Hyun were seen visiting a meat restaurant in the web entertainment show “Unnies Without Appetite.”

On this day, Sandara Park, the representative of small-eaters of the entertainment industry, performed a mukbang by wrapping meat wraps deliciously as Kim Min Kyung, who appeared as a “food professor,” gave her lectures about various food combinations.

Along with Dara, Park So Hyun showed more appetite in eating, feasting over pork belly, beef reed tripe, chicken feet, and Korean knife-cut noodle soup with Kim Min Kyung.

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(Photo : Dara (Instagram))

Park So Hyun suddenly asked Kim Min Kyung:

 “Will we be able to go out on Delicious Guys?”

“Delicious Guys” is a program aired by iHQ that introduces how celebrities who are famous for eating well eat more deliciously in the show.

Hearing this, Sandara Park said:

“If I come out to show, I will do an impersonation with Joo Hyun sunbaenim.”

When Kim Min Kyung was curious about Sandara Park’s personal talent, the female star tried to impersonate the actor by lifting his mouth down but failed.

Sandara Confesses Side Effects After She Did THIS To Face– What Happened?

(Photo : Dara (News1))

Just then, Dara caught the attention of viewers and the MC’s laughter after candidly confessing that she had a facelift, a cosmetic surgical procedure to tighten skin who are sagging to due aging.

Dara hilariously revealed the side effect of getting the procedure adding:

“The corners of my mouth have not been lowered since I did lifting surgery.”

In the end, Sandara Park made a vague expression without lowering the corners of her mouth completely.

Sandara Park Receives Customized Shoes From Louboutin

Sandara Confesses Side Effects After She Did THIS To Face– What Happened?

(Photo : Dara, Christian Louboutin (Sports Trend))

Meanwhile, Sandara Park debuted as group 2NE1 in 2009 and left numerous hits such as “I Don’t Care,” “I’m the Best,” and “Lonely.”

Following disbandment in 2016, Dara pursues a career in the entertainment scene as a variety show personality as well as an icon in the fashion world.

On November 10, Dara, known for being a shoe collector, revealed on her vlog that she received the world’s only shoe gift from Paris.

In the vlog, it showed Sandara Park attending the Paris Fashion Week held in October. Sandara Park has participated in numerous brand events including Louboutin and met designer Christian Louboutin.

Sandara Park, who received a bouquet from him as a gift, sat on the sofa and talked with the designer about her next album.

Meanwhile, Louboutin handed Sandara Park a shoe gift which is bright red heels but it didn’t stop there since the high-end brand’s owner personally customized and doodled on the shoes, Dara owning the only Louboutin with such a design.

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