Seulgi (Red Velvet) chooses “4 best dancers” among female idols: Lisa and Momo, who collab with 2 Produce’s beauties will ensure “top-notch.”

Seulgi (Red Velvet) chooses 4 best dancers among female idols Lisa and Momo, who collab with 2 Produce's beauties will ensure top-notch.

Seulgi is considered one of the most comprehensive idols in Kpop. As the main dancer of Red Velvet, but she sings well, possesses a “unique” beauty and good performance skills. The female idol is also loved for her humble personality and kindness; despite being famous for dancing, Seulgi always supports her colleagues in the same position.

Seulgi is famous for dancing well, but she does not regret giving compliments to her Kpop colleagues

When Red Velvet joined Weekly Idol, Seulgi was asked which idol in her eyes is the best dancer. The Red Velvet member thinks there are many talented faces in Kpop and apologizes for not being able to name everyone. But Seulgri still chooses 4 female idols that she thinks have the best dancing skills.

Momo (TWICE)

The first person Seulgi mentioned was Momo. The Japanese member of TWICE is considered a genius dancer because of her good skills, always paying attention to every detail of the dance. She is not only a well-trained dancer but also has a great influence on Kpop.


Lisa is the second person that Seulgi praised. The main dancer of BLACKPINK skills makes her burn whatever stage she sets foot on. Lisa’s talent was recognized globally when she became the program’s coach Youth With You (China) seasons 2 and 3. The female idol from Thailand was also the first to have a dance video debuted on top global trending on YouTube.

Notably, the youngest BLACKPINK is also famous for her ability to fast dance. She learned all the dance moves in her first dance video in just 3 hours.

Chaeyeon (IZ * ONE)

Chaeyeon (IZ * ONE) has the least career of the 4 female dancers chosen by Seulgi, but she is the third person mentioned by her seniors. Her dancing skills helped the female idol stir the survival show Produce 48, so she won the last debut spot in the IZ * ONE lineup.

As the main dancer of IZ * ONE, Chaeyeon not only conquered fans with her excellent choreography but was also highly appreciated by the choreographers. They believe that in addition to her remarkable talent, her toned physique contributes to the energetic choreography.


The fourth “dance queen” that Red Velvet member mentioned is Chungha. Like Chaeyeon, Chungha became famous through the survival show series Produce. The female idol is famous for her freestyle dance in Produce 101 season 1. Chungha performed so beautifully that someone thought that the choreography was choreographed, not because she danced randomly.

Chungha debuted in I.O.I as the main dancer and became a solo singer after the group disbanded. She has achieved success when pursuing dance music, often bringing top stages, so Chungha is considered one of the best singer-dancer Gen 3.

Seulgi, Momo, Lisa, Chaeyeon, and Chungha have their own style and strengths, but they are all excellent dancers, admired by many people. Therefore, Seulgi’s appreciation of her colleagues made fans want the 5 girls to collaborate, bringing a stage full of top-notch choreography.

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