SM Entertainment’s Year-End Schedules Earn Flak From Pink Bloods — Here’s Why

SM Entertainment is a company known for housing numerous famous artists and idol groups, ranging from the first generation until the current fourth.

However, a supposed management issue came to light after people observed how the albums’ distribution seems rushed, leading fans to express their complaints about the comeback scheduling.

SM Entertainment Comeback Schedules Packed – Here’s Why Pink Bloods Are Reacting Negatively

Companies in the K-pop industry have always had their target audiences’ expectations fulfilled, while maintaining good management.

But in this case, fans can’t help but wonder what is transpiring behind SM Entertainment’s management. The concern around the album distribution occurred during this year’s winter and fall.

SM Entertainment is one of the pioneers of the Hallyu wave and is a relevant inspiration in shaping K-pop to this day.

Unfortunately, tweets from the web caught the fans’ concerns.

BoA releases new mini-album 'Forgive Me' today

(Photo : BoA Twitter)

Red Velvet The ReVe Festival 2022 Birthday

(Photo : Facebook: Red Velvet)

Coming up on its artist roster, BoA’s 3rd mini-album “Forgive Me” was released on November 22. The EP contains 6 tracks.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet’s comeback “The ReVe Festival – Birthday” comes six days after BoA’s.

Normally, the releases of K-pop groups would be scheduled and do a lot with how they will market the group. The average successful group would usually make 2 comebacks a year, given that K-pop promotions are clearly different from Western releases in terms of time gap.

It’s also important for the companies to consider their target audiences’ interval, to plan and prepare when it comes to pre-orders.

Red Velvet and BoA’s tight scheduled releases wouldn’t usually affect the artists. However, more groups from the company were announced to make their comebacks on the same packed two-month timeframe.

NCT Dream -

(Photo : NCT Dream Twitter)
NCT Dream – “Candy”

SHINee Minho -

(Photo : SHINee Twitter)
SHINee Minho – “Chase”

NCT Dream is also announced to be getting their comeback as well, with a special winter album titled “Candy.” The release will be a remake on the H.O.T. song and will drop on December 19 and this timeframe would help fans prepare for album pre-orders.

SHINee Minho’s first solo album “Chase” and NCT’s Chinese unit WayV’s comeback “Overture” are the next to be announced. These two upcoming comebacks are placed under a shorter timeframe between initial statement and release date.

“Chase” was announced on November 21, to be released on December 12.

Meanwhile, WayV’s 4th mini-album “Phantom” was shared on November 22, and its release will be on December 9.

Pink Bloods, or SM Entertainment stans, observed the tight schedule between the groups from SM Entertainment, and many expressed their frustration.

Albums Out of Stock 5 Days Before Official Release

ReVeluvs conveyed that the girl group’s comeback was rushed as they also noticed SM Entertainment’s lack of “Birthday” promotions while having the album’s pre-orders out of stock in a much early rate.

Some of the tweets read:

Due to hectic management, fans also looked for the unshared album features while worrying about the album stocks since the release will be in just five days.

WayV 4th Mini-Album

(Photo : WayV Twitter) WayV 4th Mini-Album “Phantom”

As for WayV, Weishennies have been waiting for more than a year. While the comeback will be this year, the members shared they didn’t know their comeback’s exact release date.

Schedules can be packed all at once or delayed indefinitely. Monster rookie girl group aespa, who made a huge following since debut, received minimal promotions in this year’s comebacks.

With a large fandom and successful group progress, no wonder fans would question the current management system in SM.

With all these latest concerns, fans look forward to seeing the company’s management improve. Not only will this help them manage their fans’ expectations but can also enhance album distribution and promotion quality.

What do you think about these concerns? Let us know in the comments!

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