SM was fined 21.2 billion won, resulting in higher productivity: SHINee and NCT made a comeback after just 1 month, Wendy also debuted closely to Baekhyun

SHINee and NCT made a comeback after just 1 month, Wendy also debuted closely to Baekhyun

At SM Entertainment, you will not be able to see the trucks running around to claim fairness for idols or hashtags climbing the global trending top calling for artist A and artist Z’s comeback. After being fined up to 21.2 billion won due to tax issues, it can be seen that SM has been productive for artists to debut and come back continuously.

SM was fined up to 444 billion VND for tax issues

Just yesterday (March 23), SM announced that NCT Dream will return in April, although WayV – another NCT unit – has yet to finish promoting their comeback with Kick Back. Although knowing that NCT’s units operate independently, SM makes NCTzen – NCT’s fandom – crying. Wondering which unit will be next after NCT Dream. The old album that was ordered was not in time; the new album is already on the shelves.

SM announces that NCT Dream will return this April
While another unit of NCT, WayV, has not finished promoting yet

Today (March 24), the media reported on SHINee’s comeback even though the group just returned with Don’t Call Me at the end of February. With this comeback, SHINee brings a repackage to the group’s 7th full album, Don’t Call Me.

SHINee’s comeback after just over a month made fans “stop in time.”

On the same day, the company also hurriedly set Wendy’s solo debut date to April 5. The countdown is only about 12 days until the first member of Red Velvet will debut with a new role with the mini-album Like Water. This means that Wendy debuted just a week after Baekhyun’s comeback. Baekhyun makes a comeback with Bambi on March 30.

Wendy debuted on April 5 with Like Water
Almost a week earlier, Baekhyun also had a solo comeback with Bambi

At the end of March and early April, SM alone saw clearly the scene of “fight among ourselves.” Kpop fans must be “overwhelmed” at this roaring music party!

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