SNSD Tiffany Makes Her Debut As Actress– People React On Her Acting Skills

After 15 years since she was introduced to Girls’ Generation, Tiffany Young finally made her debut as an actress. Here’s how people are reacting.

SNSD Tiffany Debut As Actress Through ‘Reborn Rich’– What Is Her Role?

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Tiffany Young, a member of the group Girls’ Generation (SNSD) successfully made her small screen appearance debut, through the new webtoon-based K-Drama, “Reborn Rich,” starring Song Joong Ki and Shin Hyun Been.

In particular, the news was first announced in June 2021, describing Tiffany’s role as a Korean-American and the youngest daughter of a conglomerate family.

After more than a year, the drama was finally aired and in the third episode of the JTBC drama broadcaster on November 20th, Tiffany Young played the supporting role called Rachel, who is the assistant of Song Joong Ki’s (Jin Do Joon) group partner, Oh Se Hyun (Park Hyuk Kwon).

 In the broadcast on the same day, Jin Do Joon, a top performer at the Seoul National University law school made use of his spare time to follow his father, Jin Yoon Ki (Kim Young Jae), who runs a film company to the New York Film Market.

SNSD Tiffany Makes Her Debut As Actress– People React On Her Acting Skills

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Having the knowledge that the movie, “Titanic” would be a huge hit, the role of Song encouraged his father to participate in the production of the movie aside from choosing to distribute it.

At the same time, Oh Se Hyun (Park Hyuk Kwon) Jin Do Joon’s partner visited the New York Film Market as well with his assistant Rachel.

After hearing that Oh Se Hyun would want to invest $10 million for the movie, “Titanic” Rachel, the role of Tiffany replied in disbelief:

“Is it $10 million? I’d rather throw the money on the floor. And DiCaprio? Who’s this guy doing the acting? Can a blockbuster without a single popular actor really succeed?”

SNSD Tiffany Receives Rave Reviews For Acting Skills

SNSD Tiffany Makes Her Debut As Actress– People React On Her Acting Skills

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Tiffany, who initially debuted as a member of “Nation’s Girl Group” Girls’ Generation in 2007 made her debut in a Korean drama for the first time as a fixed character.

Prior to her small-screen appearance, the female star first stunned viewers with her impressive skills as a musical actress.

As such, fans have high expectations from her and after watching the episode, Tiffany didn’t disappoint.

Girls Generation Tiffany for Elle Korea

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Tiffany Young 

In the drama, Tiffany showed a natural performance as Rachel, a Korean-American based on her fluent English skills. In particular, she was also applauded for showing off her unique chemistry by bickering with her boss Park Hyuk Kwon.

Viewers who saw Tiffany’s acting responded by saying:

  • “Tiffany is the best. I didn’t know it was Tiffany at first.”
  • “I thought she was a new actress ”
  • “She’s really good.”
  • “She has good chemistry with actor Park Hyuk Kwon.”

Not only viewers, but the director of “Reborn Rich” Jung Dae Yoon praised Tiffany Young’s performance as well, saying:

“I liked the serious yet comical acting shown by the new actress Tiffany Young who intertwines with actor Song Joong Ki.”


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Meanwhile, “Rachel,” played by Tiffany Young, is Oh Se Hyun’s right hand and is described as a “Miracle analyst” from a Korean-American conglomerate family.

She is a person who likes to view all goods in the world as an object of investment, value and price, and has a cool judgment.

“Reborn Rich” recorded 6.058% in the first episode, 8.845% in the second episode, and 10.826% in the third episode, surpassing 10% just after three episodes.

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