SNSD Tries To Look Funny as Ending Fairies— Ends Up Getting Praised For Visuals

While Girls’ Generation members were supposed to be hilarious with their “ending fairy” poses, the group ended up becoming a hot topic instead for their top-tier visuals. Keep reading to know more.

SNSD Attempts To Be Extra With Ending Fairy Poses But ‘Fails’ For THIS Reason

Girls Generation FOREVER 1

(Photo : Facebook: Girls Generation)

On September 4, Girls’ Generation became a hot topic on various online communities after showing their solo ending fairy shots.

In particular, the eight-member group who return to the music scene with “FOREVER 1” on August 5 gained attention for showing a group ending shot, instead of a solo.

During their fan meeting held on September 3 then, Girls’ Generation fulfilled fans’ wish to see them rocking the “ending fairy shot” trend.

In context, the ending fairy is a solo shot wherein the idol’s face will be zoomed in and as popularized by SHINee Key, the main character will have to make their pose something extraordinary— either fancy or hilarious.

Known for their hilarious antics, Girls’ Generation then started one by one.

Yuri, Yoona and Sooyoung did the over-the-top heavy breathing while staring intensely at the camera. The latter also used her iconic “hair flip.”

Meanwhile, Sunny and Seohyun showed their sweetest and loveliest aegyo, melting the hearts of fans. Taeyeon decided to do a wink, but she hilariously failed after closing both eyes instead.

As for Tiffany, she burst into laughter herself after she awkwardly yet cutely mimic a zombie walk.

Lastly, Hyoyeon teased herself by re-enacting her viral meme where she was seen crying during another ending fairy shot.

As soon as the clips were shared online, fans can’t help but find the members’ acts really funny. Unfortunately, some internet users pointed out that they make one mistake though.

This is because their attempt to look funny didn’t succeed and instead; they got praised for their stunning visuals even without trying!

Girls Generation FOREVER 1

(Photo : Twitter: @GirlsGeneration)

Some of the internet users commented:

  • “Ahhh they are too cute and pretty!”
  • “Sooyoung is born to be a star”
  • “Why are Yuri, Sooyoung and Yoona still look so pretty even when they tried to look funny?”
  • “Taeyeon, I have to watch it until the end. The winking is just…”
  • “Yuri and Hyoyeon…”
  • “Please become idols for the rest of your lives… Seriously, how can these 8 people be in one group?”
  • “Instead of funny, you actually have gotten prettier.”

SNSD Successfully Wraps Up Special Fan Event ‘Long Lasting Love’

'Soshi Tam Tam' Episode 7: Girls' Generation Opens Up About Reason For 5-Year Hiatus

(Photo : SNSD (News1))

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation completed its 15th-anniversary activities with a large-scale special fan event.

On September 3, the “2022 Girls Generation Special Event – Long Lasting Love” of SNSD was held splendidly at Seoul Olympic Park. It was also broadcast live online through the global platform Beyond LIVE, receiving explosive responses from fans around the world.

As it was the first fan event held in five years to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Girls’ Generation’s debut, it sold out all seats, and it was watched online in 96 regions around the world, including the U.S., Japan, China, Indonesia and Thailand, realizing the global popularity of Girls’ Generation.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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