SONEs Defend SNSD Taeyeon After Getting Unnecessary Hate From EXO Xiumin’s Fan: What Happened?

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon received malicious comments from an internet user after she posted THIS on her Instagram story. Why is EXO Xiumin involved? Keep reading!

SNSD Taeyeon Gets Hate Tweet From EXO Xiumin Fan For THIS Reason, SONEs Defend Idol

On September 29, SONEs joined forces to express their support for Taeyeon after the female idol was unnecessarily called out by a Twitter user.

In particular, the ruckus started when Taeyeon updated her Instagram story with a screenshot of her streaming Mia Gladstone’s “SOCIAL MEDIA” (feat. Trent the HOOLiGAN). The song was released on September 14, serving as the main track of its single album with the same name.

Taeyeon, the glamor that doesn't fit the microfiber forearm... the one who has it all

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While it appears that the female idol means no harm and was just casually listening to her preferred music, an internet user who appears to be EXO Xiumin’s fan, an EXO-L, suddenly called out Taeyeon and wrote on Twitter:

“Taeyeon is so annoying she won’t post xiumin solo but she’s posting this. The only sm artist she puts on ig is key, and I haven’t forgotten that time she posted a bts song.”

Apparently, the fan was frustrated with Taeyeon due to the fact that she hasn’t posted anything about the male idol, who made his solo debut with his first mini-album, “Brand New,” released on September 26.

SONEs Criticize EXO Xiumin’s Fan For Asking Taeyeon to Support Male Idol

EXO Xiumin Records Numerous Feats With Solo Debut Album 'Brand New'

(Photo : Xiumin (Instagram))

When the post was uploaded, it gained massive attention from K-pop fans, mostly from Taeyeon’s fans, SONEs. As of the writing, the tweet amassed more than 2.3k quoted retweets, SONEs raising their brows toward the EXO-L.

The female idol’s fandom was extremely mad that Taeyeon was being “dragged” again by other K-pop fans for doing something she wasn’t supposed to get hate.


(Photo : Instagram: @taeyeon_ss)

Although they clarified that they don’t dislike Xiumin, fans believed that Taeyeon shouldn’t really post about any EXO member, after the initial hate she received when she tried to support Suho’s release, calling her “attention seeker.”

Some fans of the “INVU” singer also pointed out that the fans don’t have the right to demand promotion from Taeyeon when she’s constantly been hated by some fans from the fandom since 2014.

Going back to the root of the discord between the two fandoms (SONEs and EXO-Ls), Taeyeon received massive backlash when her relationship with EXO Baekhyun was announced in 2014. Although the two reportedly broke up due to busy schedules after 14 months of dating, some people thought that a portion of their reasons was due to the negative response from fans, mostly from sasaengs of Baekhyun.

Fans also set the record straight that Taeyeon is only supporting SHINee Key when the female idol is constantly supporting a lot of SM Entertainment artists even including EXO Kai, NCT, aespa and more.

Amid the issue, some SONEs just brush it away and make fun of the idol’s hater by implying that Taeyeon already made her response to them through Mia Gladstone’s song. In context, the lyrics of the song contains the words:

“Fxck Facebook Fxck Twitter
Don’t tell me what to post, you’re bitter
I’m a human with emotions
Won’t you let me fly?”

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