Soojin Made Cameo in (G)I-DLE’s ‘Nxde’ MV? 3 Reasons People Think Album Was For Ex-Member

Following THESE three reasons, people are convinced Soojin inspired the latest album released by former group, (G)I-DLE.

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After establishing its name in the music scene with “TOMBOY,” (G)I-DLE cemented its presence with its fifth mini-album, “I LOVE,” released on Oct. 17. On the same day, the MV for its title track, “Nxde,” was also uploaded on the group’s official YouTube channel.

About two days after its release, the MV already amassed 30 million views, drawing attention for its concept and unique sound. But aside from these, one reason the music video is gaining interest from K-pop fans was due to the alleged Seo Soojin’s “cameo.”

Soojin Made Cameo in (G)I-DLE's 'Nxde' MV? 3 Reasons People Think Album Was For Ex-Member

(Photo : Soojin (@yeonnicha Twitter))

In the MV, a blonde animated girl showed up, and fans were convinced that the character made reference to Seo Soojin, a former member of the group.

The reason why fans think that the blonde lady was the idol was due to their uncanny resemblance. The hairstyle, thick eyeshadow and long eyelashes remind K-pop enthusiasts of Soojin’s fancy look. But what made them believe that it was her after all, was that the character also possesses Soojin’s signature mole and red full lips.

Some fans were initially skeptical since the album’s concept was inspired by Marilyn Monroe as per leader Soyeon, but fans emphasized that if the animated blonde girl was the icon, her mole should be placed near her upper lip, not under her left eye, which is unique to Soojin.

3 Reasons Neverlands Believe (G)I-DLE Made Reference To Soojin With ‘I LOVE’ Album


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Soojin Made Cameo in (G)I-DLE's 'Nxde' MV? 3 Reasons People Think Album Was For Ex-Member

(Photo : Soojin (@daily_soojin Twitter))

Aside from Soojin’s “appearance” in the music video as the animated girl, the second reason internet users gave was related to Marilyn Monroe.

 Originally, the member wants to offer this comeback as a tribute to the icon, with the hope of delivering the message that behind the sex symbol who often plays the role of “dumb blonde” is a strong and intelligent woman who deserves recognition and respect.

However, fans and internet users think that the group presenting this concept to the K-pop scene might be connected to Soojin. In particular, Soojin’s role model is Marilyn Monroe. Just like Marilyn, Soojin was also judged based on how other people perceived them.

Third and last was the theme of the album which contains a strong determination to show the true self of “I” rather than the appearance that someone else wants to see. This also shows how (G)I-DLE wants to take off the pretentious façade that they do not want and just show their true selves.

This might be related to Soojin’s signature tattoo stating that “Self-love is the best love.” Even without the female idol in the group, fans are convinced that they still care and love their former member who has been with them for a long time prior to her school violence controversy that led to her departure.

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