Starship Criticized After DIVEs Noticed IVE Members Have THIS Except Liz

Some DIVEs are expressing their frustration over the presumed treatment IVE Liz gets. This is after the fandom noticed that the other members have THIS except her.

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(Photo : Liz (SBS PD Note))

DIVEs Call Out Starship Entertainment To Give IVE Liz Ending Fairy Shot for ‘After LIKE’

On September 7, DIVEs (IVE fandom) took to Twitter to express their concerns about member Liz and Starship Entertainment.

In particular, IVE released their single “After LIKE” on August 22, a follow-up track following their second mini-album “LOVE DIVE,” comprised of a hit song with the same name.

Since then, the sextet has been promoting their latest release on various music shows, “M! Countdown,” “Music Bank,” “Inkigayo,” etc, and has been bringing home No. 1 trophies.

During their stages, fans don’t only anticipate the members’ performance but as well as their outfits, visuals and on top of everything, the ending fairy of the day. 

IVE Liz & Rei Spark Mixed Reactions Following Weight Gain

(Photo : 스포츠경향 – 경향신문)

After two weeks of promotion, IVE showcased their individual charms through their solo ending fairy shots. However, some DIVEs realized IVE Liz is yet to become an ending fairy.

Because of this, the fandom started calling out Starship Entertainment on Twitter by organizing a hashtag party, using #LIZ_ENDINGFAIRY
#리즈를_엔딩요정으로_만들어라, GIVE US LIZ ENDING FAIRY.

Fans conveyed that they want Liz to have the opportunity to become the ending fairy when they attend “Show Champion,” since it will be probably IVE’s last music show promotion for its single if they will not attend “M! Countdown.”


DIVEs Express Displeasure As Liz Is the Only IVE Member Without Solo Magazine Feature

IVE Gaeul · Rei · Liz, unique charm

(Photo : IVE Twitter)

This is not the first time people felt Liz is being left out and poorly treated. Fans earlier pointed out as well how Liz is the only one who hasn’t had a solo pictorial among members following the release of “After LIKE.”

Jang Wonyoung and Leeseo showed off their beautiful visuals and appeared in the September issue of Marie Claire Korea. In addition, leader An Yujin, showed off her beauty by shooting a pictorial for W Korea September Issue.

Starship Earns Criticism After DIVEs Noticed IVE Members Have THIS Except Liz

(Photo : IVE (News1))

Japanese member Rei also released a sensuous fashion pictorial through the September issue of Arena Homme Korea.

Lastly, Gaeul, who recently gained huge attention for her appearance and skills, also made many fans’ hearts flutter by taking a solo pictorial for the first time through Elle September issue.

Due to this, many fans are disappointed that Liz is the only one among the six members who has no solo pictorial.

Starship Earns Criticism After DIVEs Noticed IVE Members Have THIS Except Liz

(Photo : Liz (SBS PD Note))

Fans said:

“All five of the members took a photo shoot for the September issue, but there’s no Liz.”

Although Liz initially did a photo shoot in May for W Korea with Gaeul and Rei, fans believe that it’s not that they can’t give her another photoshoot while other members like Jang Wonyoung and An Yujin have been doing multiple shoots before as well.

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