Stray Kids Swarmed at Airport Departure and Arrival — Why Are STAYs Happy?

Stray Kids is scheduled to light the Indonesian stage on November 12 and 13, 2022, for their ‘MANIAC’ World Tour. With this, the boys were spotted at Incheon Airport as they set to take off. Hence, STAYs bid goodbye and seeded the ‘MANIAC’ singers a safe trip.

Aside from flaunting their latest fashion statements for their trip to Jakarta, Indonesia, Stray Kids was swarmed by THESE people at the Incheon Airport and so as at the arrival. Ironically, instead of stressing the STAYs, this occurrence made them happy and satisfied to even praise the people who swarmed the boys.

What happened at the airport which caused STAYs to be glad despite their idols being swarmed? Keep track of this article to know who mobbed Stray Kids.

Stray Kids Swarmed at the Airport, But Why are STAYs Happy?

Like any other K-pop acts, Stray Kids has experienced being mobbed in public, to the point that some members were hurt. With this, STAYs called JYP Entertainment to amplify the security personnel accompanying the ‘MANIAC’ hitmakers whenever in public.

Some STAYs even indicated putting sanctions against these “fans” who swarm Stray Kids. One time, due to being surrounded by the crowd, Felix and Han hurt themselves. Thus, their blood starts to boil whenever STAYs see a swarm of people crowding Stray Kids.

Again, on their way to Jakarta, Stray Kids was mobbed! But this time, it leans on the positive side.

Stray Kids

(Photo : Official Press Photos | TV Report Korea)

STAYs noticed a commendable number of safety and security personnel who swarmed but accompanied and protected the boys as they entered the airport until they reached the establishment’s inside.

According to STAYs, who personally bid goodbye to Stray Kids, the number of personnel was enough for Stray Kids to maintain a significant distance from the media and fans. In an airport clip, it was seen that the personnel were exerting effort to calm the media and fans as well!

For STAYs, this is the kind of mob they are yearning to see! Due to the increased security provided to Stray Kids, the boys could safely navigate the airport without worrying about their safety.

According to netizens, this is a good security leap as this does not only secure the idols but also their staff and even the media and fans as well!

STAYs Reacted to THIS Security Glow-up

In a video circulating on Twitter, fans have commended that the security personnel was polite as they were heard saying, “Please don’t push. I’m sorry, excuse us. Please don’t push,“.

The fans praised the polite tone of the security and safety staff because it generated a smooth movement despite the crowd following Stray Kids. According to fans who have watched the clip, the gentle approach was also helpful for the crowd to follow the directives of the security guards.

The consistency of keeping Stray Kids’ safety was observed even after they arrived in Jakarta, as they were ushered by a commendable number of security guards.

Korean netizens pointed out that the Itaewon Halloween tragedy should give entertainment agencies an alarming insight into providing their artists with increased protection since it is inevitable to control a large crowd anticipating seeing their artists.

Therefore, this security glow-up comforted STAYs as they see how complacent Stray Kids was at the airport.

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