SuperM Reportedly To Make Comeback On THIS Date + Debut Of 2 New NCT Units

The “K-pop Avengers” is back! In an article, Lee Soo Man confirmed that SuperM will finally make its return to the K-pop scene on THIS date. In addition to this, he also mentioned the debut of two new NCT units.

SuperM To Make A Comeback in Early 2023

On December 1, business and financial market news outlet CNBC released an article titled, “South Korea’s SM Entertainment plans to set up its Southeast Asia headquarters in Singapore.”

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In this article, Lee Soo Man revealed his plans of setting up South East Asian (SEA) headquarters in Singapore as well as his future plans of creating more K-pop groups.

The report also revealed the future schedule of the K-pop boy group SuperM, which comprised of members from existing SM Entertainment groups such as SHINee Taemin, EXO Baekhyun and Kai, NCT 127 Taeyong and Mark as well as WayV Ten and Lucas.

“As for future K-pop group plans, Lee told CNBC that SuperM will be making a comeback announcement in early 2023.”

As Baekhyun and Taemin will be coming out of the military early next year, K-pop enthusiasts are already anticipating the return of the group which created hits such as “Jopping” and “Tiger Inside.”


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SuperM has also achieved great results in a short period of time because outstanding members from each field gathered in one place. As soon as they debuted, they topped the Billboard main album chart, “Billboard 200,” and sold 104,000 copies as their first full-length album “Super One.”

The expectation is high on what kind of record they will once again set as the “Avengers of K-pop.”

SM Entertainment To Debut NCT Sub-Unit In Saudi and Tokyo

NCT 2020

(Photo : Twitter || SM Entertainment )

According to the news, Lee Soo Man will also create NCT Saudi, on top of the already planned NCT Tokyo.

In fact, the founder of the agency was also considering opening a sub-unit that will promote in Singapore, but it’s yet to be confirmed.

SM Entertainment To Set up SEA Headquarter in Singapore

Meanwhile, the U.S. business magazine mainly announced that SM Entertainment via an e-mail interview announced that it will establish its Southeast Asian headquarters in Singapore as part of its plan to expand its Southeast Asian business.

Lee Soo Man

(Photo : Instagram: @smtown / Facebook: SMTOWN)
Lee Soo Man 

Lee Soo Man said that the Singapore headquarters will not only manage joint ventures (JVs) in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand but will also cooperate with the Korean headquarters for another related business.

SM Entertainment plans to hire in Singapore soon.

General producer Lee said:

“The number of regular employees will increase amid hiring many local talents. We are considering hiring local undergraduates or graduates for internship.”

Lee Soo Man

(Photo : News 1)
Lee Soo Man

SM Entertainment also plans to hold cafes, product stores, and pop-up exhibitions in Singapore.

SM Entertainment added:

“We plan to gradually expand our business to more countries, including the Middle East, as well as various regions in Southeast Asia.”

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