The controversy fiercely about Kpop idols’ limits: Can you accept a male idol who acts like this?

The controversy fiercely about Kpop idols' limits Can you accept a male idol who acts like this

Being a Kpop idol also means that you will have to follow billions of principles in maintaining your image and personality. This means that they need to know what the limit is in every action they do.

Even if it were normal for some people to act, they wouldn’t be able to do so because of the ‘unwritten rules’ in the harsh Korean entertainment industry. Therefore, recently a male Kpop idol has caused Knet to argue fiercely that whether his moves have gone beyond the limit or not?

The character mentioned in this topic is none other than Wonho – a former member of Monsta X. Currently, Wonho is pursuing a solo singer career, but he is still counted as a Kpop idol because he is still promoting in Korea. Accordingly, Wonho owns an Instagram account containing many pictures showing his muscular body with his toned muscles.

If these images show off their bodies’ results after a hard practice, then perhaps it will not be a problem because many other idols or celebrities often do the same. The problem here is that Wonho’s photo postures sometimes make many viewers feel amazed, even frowning.

The aforementioned photos have made many Knet “eyes wide open” because it seems a bit ‘wrong’ compared to ordinary Kpop idols. However, they still accept and assume that it is Wonho’s hobby and praise that the male idol has worked hard, so he has such an attractive body.

However, recently on April 2, a picture of Wonho caused Knet to “burst out with fireflies” and criticized him for exceeding the limit needed by a Kpop idol. In the photo, Wonho is lying on the bed, and his “sensitive area” is pointed straight at the camera lens.

Immediately, controversy broke out. Some people think that Wonho has definitely exceeded the limit when posting such sensitive photos on social networks. It is known that this type of body-showing image is also quite popular on the Internet, especially with Western artists. However, since Wonho is still a Kpop idol promoting Korean TV, this behavior has become extremely offensive.

Meanwhile, there are also Wonho defenders who think these pictures are very ordinary. They said Wonho might be a little different from the current idols, but he didn’t hurt anyone either.

Some comments of Knet:

  • Why did he turn out like this?
  • I think it’s beautiful, right ?!
  • It is okay to not harm anyone.
  • The photo pointing to the sensitive area like that is really annoying. It’s not pretty, it’s offensive.
  • Uaahhhh what is this? I frowned right away at that ‘sensitive’ photo.
  • I find him beautiful and charming but it doesn’t seem like this is suitable for Korean culture.
  • Western idols are normal, but he is a Kpop idol. He’s gone too far.
  • The pictures showing her body are beautiful too, but pointing the pants at the camera lens like this is too crude.
  • Wonho needs to know his limits. You are still on TV music shows, not in the West or underground.

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