The idols voted as selfie masters: BTS Jimin, BLACKPINK Jennie only ranked 7th and 8th

The idols voted as selfie masters BTS Jimin, BLACKPINK Jennie only ranked 7th and 8th

In a recent poll conducted by MBC Idol Champ’s “Show Champion” app, fans voted for the idol they consider the selfie master. Can you guess who is in the first place? Read on and see!

The poll ran from April 19 to May 3. The winner of the poll will receive a filter for themselves on Snow, a popular Korean camera app. The winner also received a pop-up Splash and a Shutter icon ad.

The Snow Filter will last for two weeks, from May 14 to May 27. While Splash ads will reach about 500K views, Shutter ads will reach about 1M views.

ASTRO’s Moonbin ranked second in the poll which Idol is the Selfie Master

Coming in second place was ASTRO member Moonbin, who brought in 12.26% of the total votes. Although Cha Eun Woo is considered the K-pop god with comic beauty, Moonbin attracts fans with his unique look and dashing selfies.

(Photo: Moonbin Instagram)
(Photo: Moonbin Instagram)

Moonbin has a fox-like charm (according to netizens), thanks to his monolids. Thanks to that he can look adorable when he chooses to be cute and charismatic when he chooses to show his cool side. In addition, the male idol also possesses a milky white complexion, a high nose bridge, straight eyebrows, and a “super sharp” v-line chin. He also has a body like a supermodel; He even appeared on the cover of Men’s Health!

Moonbin Selfie
(Photo: Moonbin Instagram)

Stray Kids’ Lee Know is the best selfie idol

Stray Kids member Lee Know won first place in the poll, earning 25.80% of the vote. This means that Lee Know is the idol that won all the awards from the poll. It’s no surprise that Lee Know took first place home. He is known for his stunning looks and fitting of Korean beauty standards. Although Stray Kids’ official visual is Hyunjin, fans believe that Lee Know deserves this title.

Lee Know
(Photo: Stray Kids Instagram)

When Stray Kids was first introduced to the public, some even believed that Lee Know was Japanese due to his manga-like appearance. The male idol has white skin, a small face, big eyes, double eyelids glittering like deer eyes, slim and tall nose bridge, full lips, straight eyebrows, and a sharp v-line face. How can all this beauty be found in a male idol selfie ?!

Lee Know
(Photo: Stray Kids Instagram)

And here are the TOP 20 Best Selfie Master Idols, According to the poll on Idol Champ

  • 1. Stray Kids Lee Know – 25.80%
  • 2. ASTRO Moonbin – 12.26%
  • 3. MONSTA X Kihyun – 11.99%
  • 4. Kang Daniel – 7.69%
  • 5. EXO Baekhyun – 6.82%
  • 6. SEVENTEEN Hoshi – 5.27%
  • 7. BTS Jimin – 4.94%
  • 8. BLACKPINK Jennie – 3.87%
  • 9. Dreamcatcher Siyeon – 3.01%
  • 10. ATEEZ San – 2.62%
  • 11.GOT7 Jinyoung – 2.36%
  • 12. NU’EST Minhyun – 2.13%
  • 13. Ha Sungwoon – 1.84%
  • 14. TXT Soobin – 1.82%
  • 15. SHINee Taemin – 1.64%
  • 16. GFRIEND Yuju – 1.32%
  • 17. Secret Number Denise – 1.30%
  • 18. NCT Jaehyun – 1.28%
  • 19. TREASURE Junkyu – 1.00%
  • 20. Super Junior Kyuhyun – 0.96%

Is your favorite idol in the top 20? Let us know in the comments below!

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