‘The Real Deal’: THIS Red Velvet Member Breaks Internet Due To Her Toned Abs

The online community goes crazy for a certain idol’s toned proportions, which sparks a discussion if she’s real and just being simply amazed how self-management can get anyone this far.

Here’s what people are saying.

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Red Velvet and Wendy

Red Velvet Wendy Amazes With ‘Legendary Self-Management’

On a recent ‘Birthday’ fancam, Red Velvet’s main vocalist Wendy performed with the members with energy and fervor. As expected of the ‘Red Flavor’ hitmakers, they charmed ReVeluvs with their sophisticated performance and splendid vocals.

However, member Wendy went viral, due to her toned abs!


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Wendy with her toned proportions

In an online platform, netizens discussed how amazed they are by Wendy’s proportions, even mentioning this is the first time they’ve seen a female idol sporting a 6-pack.

Fans expressed how amazing she is for her dedication in keeping herself toned, healthy and just being self-managed. They even conveyed that Wendy is the real deal.

Here are their comments below:

“Isn’t it the first time we’re seeing a female idol with 6 packs???”

“But Wendy is seriously the real deal. Usually people with a lot of muscles have really little fat on them. You can see that this is the case for Wendy. She’s amazing!”

“Wow what the? Those are clearly 6 packs..”

Many praised her for her legendary self-management.

“Yup yup ever since Wendy debuted, she’s always had abs on her, but recently, she’s been working even harder”

“Wow seriously the legendary self-management… It’s my first time seeing that on a female idol it’s impressive”

“Wendy loves to eat. She must’ve been managing herself pretty intensively”

The shocking reveal trended on Twitter as well.

Red Velvet Wendy’s Routine For Achieving Killer Abs

Behind every achievement begins with hard work. Given how frequently her toned abs are shown, it’s without a doubt that Wendy herself made a lot of sacrifices and work done to achieve her toned abs. On her exercises, she loves jump ropes, dancing, biking, and running.

Red Velvet Wendy

(Photo : Instagram: @todayis_wendy)
Red Velvet Wendy

Her diet consists of a balanced one, taking in healthy food such as vegetables, fruits, whole meats, and salads. The member loves eating and she makes sure to burn extra calories through exercise. Furthermore, she’s an inspiration to everyone and fans will always love her unconditionally.

Did Wendy’s toned abs made you go crazy as well? Let us know in the comment below.

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