‘The Second World’ Round 1 Final Rankings: MAMAMOO Moonbyul’s Vocals Praised

The final rankings for “The Second World” Round 1 are finally unveiled! Among eight girl group main rappers, MAMAMOO Moonbyul stood out best for her vocals! 

Here’s what happened in the latest episode.

MAMAMOO Moonbyul Praised For Singing Abilities, Confesses About Pressure

MAMAMOO Moon Byul topped the list in the first round.

In JTBC’s “The Second World,” which aired on September 13, Billlie Moon Sua, CLASS:y Kim Seonyou, MAMAMOO Moonbyul, and MOMOLAND JooE played one-on-one through the first round mission. Moonbyul fought against JooE, while Sua battled with Seonyou.

'The Second World' Round 1 Final Rankings: MAMAMOO Moonbyul's Vocals Praised

(Photo : Moonbyul (Exports News))

Among the participants, Moonbyul drew the most attention after winning the hearts and votes of all five voice readers (judges). They were comprised of top-tier singers such as Kim Bum Soo, Jung Yup, Apink Jung Eunji, BTOB Eunkwang, and MeloMance Kim Minseok.

In particular, during her stage, MAMAMOO Moonbyul showcased a stage of her own rendition of Day6’s “Congratulations,” which starts with a pre-recorded instrument performance clip.

BTOB Seo Eunkwang praised her, saying:

“It was the most consistent with the topic and I felt that you put your heart and soul into it. I felt the energy as if I were watching an overseas pop artist. It was a stage that matched the concept of the “Second World.’ I really want to say this, ‘Congratulations,’ you are amazing.”

Kim Minseok also conveyed his satisfaction to the idol’s stage, saying:

“Moonbyul dominated the stage by stirring the stage with her blood alone. The sentence ‘vibe from experience… ‘ I’ve learned a lot.”

Jung Yup even questioned Moonbyul’s real position in MAMAMOO, asking:

“Moonbyul is the main vocalist of MAMAMOO, right? It’s unique vocals that have never existed before and an attractive mid-to-low tone and diction that has never existed. It felt like a rock star appeared.”

'The Second World' Round 1 Final Rankings: MAMAMOO Moonbyul's Vocals Praised

(Photo : Moonbyul, JooE (Exports News))

Following rave reviews and earning the favor of the voice readers, Moonbyul finally showed tears.

She confessed:

“Thank you so much. MAMAMOO is a vocal group, so it was a bit burdensome. But I heard such good feedback, so I thought I should sing more confidently in the future.”

When asked about the meaning of her tears, Moonbyul explained:

“(I feel like) I’m living well. I did this and that by myself, but I think I’m crying because I think I’m going well with one step.”

Meanwhile, JooE expressed her regret after gaining 0 votes from voice readers due to lack of preparation time due to COVID-19, and between Sua and Seonyou, the latter prevails with 2:3 votes.

‘The Second World’ Round 1 Final Rankings

JTBC Releases 'The Second World' Main Poster

(Photo : JTBC – Twitter)
JTBC has released the main posted for upcoming show “The Second World”.

After the one-on-one mission, the participants were then ranked again, not only based on the votes of voice readers but as well as global hearer scores (fans).

After winning 500 points from the judges, 200 from the one-on-one round, and 300 points from fans, MAMAMOO Moonbyul sits atop the rankings.

Oh My Girl Mimi then followed with 697 points. Unfortunately, JooE ranked last after gaining 59 points only, earning 0 from both voice readers and one-on-one battles.

The final ranking for Round 1 is as follows:

  1. Moonbyul
  2. Mimi
  3. Kim Seonyou
  4. Shin Jimin
  5. Exy
  6. Yubin
  7. Moon Sua
  8. JooE

Meanwhile, “Second World,” which airs every Tuesday at 8:50 p.m. KST, is a program about the vocal war of the main rappers of the K-pop girl groups.

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