"The Somi clone" continues to cause controversy with its weak ability, dancing like… "lion dance" that fans still defend?

Queendom 2 is currently one of the programs attracting the attention of many Kpop fans today. With a line up of famous faces of 3 generations of Kpop, Mnet’s reality show is expected to bring the audience explosive performances. However, KEP1ER is the most controversial name because this is only a few months old rookie, not really strong enough to participate in this program.

Bản sao Somi tiếp tục gây tranh cãi với khả năng yếu kém, nhảy như... múa lân mà fan vẫn cứ bênh? - Ảnh 1.

KEP1ER is the most controversial name right now

Appearing in episode 2 of “Queendom 2” on April 7, KEP1ER gave the audience a performance of their debut song ” WA DA DA ” with a very new mix. However, many netizens commented that the performance was still not really convincing. In particular, the “most popular” member of the group Huening Bahiyyih continues to cause controversy with his weak dancing ability.


Specifically, in the waacking movement, she just waved her hand superficially, without the strength of an idol. Compared to other members of the same group, Bahiyyih looked extremely embarrassed, as if he forgot his song while performing on stage.

Huening Bahiyyih showed extremely poor dancing ability when performing at Queendom 2

Bahiyyih’s movements are very superficial and awkward

Although fans constantly defend that this is inherently a difficult move, the other members of KEP1ER have also not really done it, but it can be seen that the “Somi clone” is always a name that people are not familiar with. Fans talk about their ability:

– Vocals are weak, rap is not, dance is weak, visual fans praise that I think it’s normal if not inferior compared to other friends. Yet fans are still blindly defending?

– Maybe it’s not that you’re deliberately lazy to dance, but because of the skill, it’s just that. This friend’s capital accounts are quite weak.

-It really takes a lot of practice, fans don’t blindly support it.

– Dance like a lion dance but fans can still defend?

– You look really helpless, wave your hands as if you have, practice more, Bahi.

– This program is not suitable for this group, the skills have not reached the program, I can’t find the attitude to love.

– Idols clearly don’t have any talent and you can’t see Bahi’s “improvement” even if you look at the performance, but fans are crying for the center to ask for the line, it’s hard to understand.

-She’s a weak dancer and doesn’t have a basic dance background, so it’s hard to improve quickly in a short time.

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