THESE 7 K-pop Songs Are Best Suited For New Year’s Eve: ‘After Like,’ ‘Time Of Our Life,’ More

The new year 2023 is nearby, and it’s time to celebrate upcoming changes! With the memories fans and idols made this year, it goes without saying that celebrations also comes with good music.

Given how many bops K-pop artists gave out to fans this year, these 7 K-pop songs should definitely be on everyone’s New Year’s Eve Playlist!

Here are 7 K-pop songs that are best suited for New Year’s Eve!


IVE’s “After Like” is one of the most iconic releases this year. The song features catchy music, with an instrumental rendition of the famous “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. Additionally, the music video just emits pure celebratory vibes and lots of fireworks, making it a strong candidate for a New Year’s Eve playlist!


Day6 released “Time of Our Life” in 2019, and is still well loved by fans. This song joins the list due to the liberating feeling it gives to listeners, and meaning full lyrics.

It perfectly suits New Year’s Eve because of its comforting message. It states not to worry about the future, and it’s okay to start a new life chapter.   


KARA’s “WHEN I MOVE” joins the list for New Year’s Eve K-pop songs, due to its bouncy dance track!


Although a bit sentimental, BTS Jin’s “The Astronaut” gives off nostalgic vibes to listeners, making it perfect for anyone who wants to reminisce this year’s memories.


IZ*ONE’s “Fiesta” blasts off with its loud chorus and robust instrumental. With that said, this festive song is perfect for New Year’s Eve!    


This 80’s electro-pop song by EVERGLOW can make people dance in New Year’s Eve! “LA DI DA” comes in full charge, energizing listeners with its strong and catchy sequences.  


GOT7’S “Page” is a B-side track from the group’s album “SPINNING TOP: BETWEEN SECURITY & INSECURITY.” 

Even though it’s a side track, the song is treasured by Ahgases and other fandoms. With its blaring beats, chill verses and jumpy chorus, “Page” is recommended for New Year’s Eve! 

Do you know any other K-pop songs that are perfect for New Year’s Eve? Let us know in the comments below!

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