THIS Idol Proves She’s More Than Just Her Visuals After Hitting 4 High Notes In a Row

This female idol, who initially gained popularity due to her visuals is currently earning massive praises after hitting four high notes in a row LIVE!

NMIXX Sullyoon Gains Praises For Live Vocal Skills, Hits 4 High Notes in a Row

Sullyoon, a member of the girl group NMIXX attracted K-pop enthusiasts’ and netizens’ attention after flaunting solid singing abilities.

On September 23, NMIXX who made its comeback on the 19th appeared on the YouTube channel, “It’s Live” and sang their new EP’s “ENTWURF” title track, “DICE.”

In the video, the seven-membered group showed off their incredible live vocals and rap skills as if they were not rookies. They also incorporated entertaining acting while performing.

Although the members are all good at singing, among them, one member caught the attention of netters and music fans, and it’s not other than Sullyoon!

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(Photo : NMIXX Twitter)


In particular, during the stage, she flaunted stable vocal skills and sang high notes without difficulty. But what made people drop their jaws was when she hit four high notes in a row during the highlights part.

As soon as the video was uploaded, netizens who watched the video left rave reviews, saying:

  • “Sullyoon’s high notes were crazy.”
  • “She has a pretty face and is tall, but she sings well”
  • “She sings that live?!”

THIS Idol Proves She's More Than Just Her Visuals After Hitting 4 High Notes In a Row

(Photo : Sullyoon (SBS PD Note))

A lot of fans implied that Sullyoon once again proved that she’s more than just a visual idol, unlike what haters are throwing against her.

In context, Sullyoon who debuted in NMIXX established her position in the K-pop scene due to an explosive reaction to her “Goddess-like appearance.”

However, when she debuted Sullyoon showcased an identity that is not only limited to being referred to as a visual but delivered unexpected skill in terms of singing and dancing.

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(Photo : NMIXX Twitter)

Meanwhile, NMIXX, the group to which Sullyoon belongs comprised of seven members including Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Jinni, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin.

The group was launched by JYP Entertainment in February with its debut single, “AD MARE.” After seventh months, the team made its return to the music scene with its second single, “ENTWURF” unveiled on September 19.

With this album, NMIXX delivers their desire to showcase a colorful and different atmosphere through a song inspired by the “MIXX POP” genre that allows you to feel various charms at the same time by combining two or more genres in one song.


(Photo : Facebook: NMIXX)

Following its release, the group continues to promote the song on various music shows. On the 23rd, NMIXX appeared on KBS 2TV, “Music Bank” and introduced its own world-view on a journey like a game with unexpected results or an unknown future.

NMIXX “DICE” is a genre of “MIXX POP” that combines various genres such as colorful jazz, trap, pop, and hip-hop. It likened NMIXX’s adventure to a game to move forward against the interference of adversaries.

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