THIS Super Junior Member Was Supposedly SHINee’s Leader

SHAWOLs are all shocked after finding out that Super Junior’s youngest member was supposed to debut as SHINee’s leader. 

Super Junior Ryeowook As Leader of SHINee

Have you thought of Ryeowook as a leader of SHINee? If not, then now you should because he was actually asked by SM Entertainment to pick if he wanted to be part of Super Junior or go back as a trainee and wait to become the leader of the next group.


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Just imagine the power SHINee will hold as a vocal team with him and SHINee’s Jonghyun!

However, that did not happen as Ryeowook did not want to take his chances and chose to debut with Super Junior. 

Fan Comments About Ryeowook in SHINee

There are many long-time SHAWOLs that were shocked upon reading the post on Instiz. They thought that if Ryeowook stayed and did not debut with Super Junior, he would have become a trainee again for three more years.


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One comment said that it would have actually suited Ryeowook, SHINee’s concepts and songs, he could have pulled them effortlessly. 

But, there are also comments that are saying Ryeowook is perfect as the maknae of Super Junior. 

“Our maknaeㅋㅋㅋ It’s better to have the hyungs teases him”

“Ryeowook suits the maknae position better”

Meanwhile, other fans gave out more information about the news saying there were talks before that SHINee was going to be canceled because of Super Junior. 

That is the reason why SM Entertainment was debating as to whether to put Ryeowook in his original group or just debut him as a leader of a new group.

One comment thought of a different thing given the scenario of Ryeowook being SHINee’s leader,

“Hulㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But his image would’ve overlapped too much with Key if he joined SHINeeㅋㅋㅋ They kinda have the same vibe”

SHINee Key

(Photo : News 1)
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Ryeowook Could Have Become Like SM THE BALLAD Jinho

Some fans in the comment section stated that it was scary to be in a really big agency because your chances of debuting are rather small but chances of hitting it big after debuting are already cemented. 

They gave Jinho as an example, wherein he was already made known to the public as one of SM Entertainment’s vocalists but he did not debut with EXO or even as a soloist after it.

After leaving SM Entertainment, he became a vocal coach and later joined Cube Entertainment and debuted with Pentagon. 

Another Idol Having the Same Situation With Ryeowook

CARATs in the comment section of the post have shared that Dino had the same situation with Super Junior’s maknae. 

Dino was also asked by Pledis Entertainment if he wanted to become the leader of the next boy group they are going to debut or just be part of SEVENTEEN and be their maknae.

Of course, as we know by now, Dino also chose to be the youngest member than to wait for an uncertain amount of time to debut.

Good thing he did not wait because Pledis has not debuted a boy group after them. Histalents would have rotten and gone to waste if he chose to be a leader. 

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Written by Jaswin Singh

Credit: KpopStarz

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