Top 10 ‘King of K-pop’ 2022: BTS Jimin, EXO Kai, SHINee Taemin, More

These 10 male idols have a “national treasure-like” presence that they deserve to be called the “King of K-pop”!

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BTS Jimin Crowned #1 ‘King Of K-pop’ 2022

On December 5, the Korean media outlet Star News announced BTS Jimin as the ‘King of K-pop’ this year.

Recently, Shining Awards, an overseas voting site held a poll to determine the current ruler of the K-pop scene, under the theme, “King of K-pop 2022.” There are 10 nominees, including members from top-tier groups BTS, EXO, SEVENTEEN, SHINee and NCT.

As a result of the survey, which ended on November 30, BTS Jimin ranked No. 1 after earning a total of 95,803 votes (42.57%).


(Photo : Weverse: BTS)

Jimin, BTS’s main dancer, was already making waves pre-debut. In high school, he captivated people’s hearts as the top dancer at Busan Arts High School and was praised for his splendid and technical performance.

He is also worthy to become a vocalist with his unique voice.

In regard to his visuals, he is praised for his mysterious and sexy aura on stage, as well as his cute and lovable vibe off-cam. 

As an artist, he doesn’t only perform, but he also builds an exemplary relationship between artists and fans through SNS. As a person, he is a role model as well who shared good influence by making donations to the socially disadvantaged. 


(Photo : Weverse: BTS)

This is not the first time Jimin was selected as the “King of K-pop.” In the past, he was also awarded the “K-pop Idol of the Year,” DABEME’s “KING OF K-POP” for the fourth consecutive year, showing his influence as K-pop’s No. 1 player who shone in 2022.

Top 10 ‘King of K-pop 2022’: BTS Jimin, EXO Kai, SHINee Taemin, More!

Following BTS Jimin, EXO Kai, who debuted in 2012 under SM Entertainment ranked second with 87,305 votes (38.80%).

In 2013, the  idol established himself as the group’s main dancer with EXO’s hit “Growl.” He then expanded his career in the music scene with his solo debut, creating his own popular songs “Mmmh” and “Peaches.”

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(Photo : EXO Kai for DAZED Korea (Instagram))

Outside the music industry, he raised his influence in the fashion scene by becoming a global ambassador to luxury brands Gucci, YSL beauty and more.

Meanwhile, SHINee Taemin, also known as the “Ace of K-pop,” ranked No. 9, despite being on hiatus due to military service. Among the Top 10, he’s the only idol from second-gen K-pop who debuted in 2008 but is still making history even in the current 4th-gen era.

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(Photo : Taemin (News1))

In fact, he debuted as SuperM in 2019 along with EXO Kai and has been making an impact in the U.S. before the team suspended their activities in the meantime. But according to related news, SuperM will be making their comeback announcement in early 2023, as confirmed by Lee Soo Man.

Aside from the three aforementioned, BTS V and Jungkook also entered the rankings, as well as EXO Suho, Chanyeol and SEVENTEEN Mingyu. NCT 127 Taeyong and Jaehyun were also listed in the Top 10.

1. BTS Jimin
2. EXO Kai
3. BTS V
4. BTS Jungkook
5. EXO Chanyeol
6. EXO Suho
8. NCT 127 Taeyong
9. SHINee Taemin
10. NCT 127 Jaehyun

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