TWICE Jihyo’s Viral TikTok Video Makes ONCEs Laugh

TWICE’s leader, Park Jihyo has a funny edited video that has gone viral on Twitter after a fan saw it on TikTok and posted it there.

The hilarious TikTok video is a combination of THIS movie and Jihyo from THIS TWICE music video. It was so well-fitting that made it really humorous.

TWICE Jihyo’s Funny Viral TikTok Video

K-pop fans are known to make different types of TikTok edits like cool, sexy, and fun ones of their faves. Of course, funny TikTok edits are also made and many of them go viral like this video of Jihyo.

The video is a combination of the infamous “Twilight” movie “Breaking Dawn” and TWICE’s “What Is Love” music video.

 The maker of the video edited the part of the movie where the vampires and wolves faced each other in the forest because of their conflict.

While Jihyo’s part in the “What Is Love” music video was in the bridge where she sang solo and looks like she was shouting.

It perfectly synced with the movie because the concept of “What Is Love” is a combination of romance films and the members each had characters to portray.

TWICE Jihyo’s character was from the Japanese movie “Love Letter” and her character is the leading lady, Miho Nakayama. In the movie, the female character was also in a forest during winter time so there was snow all over the place.

What made the TikTok edit more hilarious is the fact that it looks like Jihyo stopped the fight between the character in the “Twilight” movie. The “Breaking Dawn” characters look like they were awed and amazed at Jihyo as she shouts the lyrics of their song.

The editor ‘jinniejooonie0’ even included the part where Jihyo was dancing to the “What Is Love” choreography while looking like Edward was looking at her.

Many comments on the post are saying that the dance part should have been longer and that would have made it even funnier. Other comments are saying:

“the crossover I didn’t know I needed”



TWICE Jihyo New Hairstyle

Meanwhile, not only the TikTok edit is going viral about the TWICE leader, but Jihyo’s new hairstyle and color are making rounds on different social media platforms.

TWICE Jihyo new hair color

(Photo : HUSH – Twitter)
TWICE Jihyo New Hairstyle

Jihyo is now sporting a y2k hair color as she has blonde highlights in her short brown bob hair and fans cannot get over how it suits her. She has been trending in the Twitter Music category since a fan site posted a photo of her.

Moreover, there was a funny interaction between her and a Korean ONCE in Bubble, a paid messaging app. The ONCE told her that fans tend to treat Tzuyu like a baby when they talk to her while they treat Jihyo like a friend that they tease and make fun of.

To this, Jihyo replied that she felt betrayed and will talk to the fan more about it after she washed up since she came from a scheduled activity.

Because of her reaction, the ONCE that told her made a long paragraph to explain herself which other ONCEs find hilarious.


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Written by Jaswin Singh


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