UNIVERSE X Kep1er Release 10 Concept Photos For ‘Sugar Rush’

Kep1er, a “global one-pick,” showed its unrivaled presence with lovely energy.

On the 17th, global fandom platform UNIVERSE released 10 concept photos of girl group Kep1er’s new song “Sugar Rush” through apps and official SNS channels.

Individual photos of UNIVERSE MUSIC's new song

(Photo : NCsoft/ Klap)

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In the released individual photo, Kepler showed off the fairy beauty of nine people and nine colors in front of a sky blue background. Among them, member Choi Yoo-jin overwhelmed the eyes with her innocent flawless beauty. Mashiro also hugged a pastel-toned balloon and stared at the camera, creating a lovely atmosphere. In particular, HUENINGBAHIER highlighted cute accessories with hearts in hot pink long boots, perfecting a refreshing and lively fairy.

(Photo : NCsoft/ Klap)

In addition, in the group photo, Kepler completed a visual chemistry reminiscent of the main character of a fantasy fairy tale with a kitsch pink tone outfit, juicy makeup, and fresh expression. Kepler, who proved his unlimited conceptual ability, stimulates global listeners’ curiosity about what music and messages he will show a new transformation with.

Since last year, Universe Music has been receiving keen attention by releasing music with an original worldview and a unique concept every month. The first collaboration song “Sugar Rush,” which will be released on the 23rd, will once again attract fans around the world by capturing the charm of Kepler, who has transformed into a fairy in a dream in the universe.

Meanwhile, Universe’s new song Kepler “Sugar Rush” will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 23rd. 

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Credit: KpopStarz

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