VIPs Demand YG To Protect BIGBANG GD From Rumor Involving IVE Jang Wonyoung

VIPs are demanding action from YG Entertainment against the rising malicious rumors about BIGBANG G-Dragon, especially that the issue involves IVE Jang Wonyoung.   

YouTuber Speculates BIGBANG G-Dragon Is  Dating 18-Year-Old IVE Jang Wonyoung

On October 6, BIGBANG G-Dragon drew attention after posting a clip through his Instagram account.

(Photo : GD, Jang Wonyoung (News1))

It seems like an ordinary “thank you” post for the gift that the luxury brand Miu Miu gave him, following Paris Fashion Week. There, it was decorated with stickers and the caption, “Thank you for the lovely gift from Miu Miu.” He also used Jang Wonyoung’s sticker, who is the brand ambassador of the luxury brand.

However, after the post, the infamous YouTuber Sojang created a new video, speculating that G-Dragon is dating the young idol, who is currently 18 years old.

Sojang pointed out that GD chose the sticker himself and purposely put it below the word, “Lovely.”

In addition to this, the YouTuber mentioned the recent interest of the male icon in the brand Miu Miu, when he’s known for being a representative of Chanel.

People commented:

  • “I was also surprised to see Jang Wonyoung all of a sudden.”
  • “Isn’t he expressing his interest in her?”
  • “There’s no way they are dating.”

The YouTuber continued to claim that GD left BLACKPINK Jennie for Wonyoung.

#FreeGDRAGON: VIPs Demand YG Entertainment To Protect BIGBANG GD From Malicious Rumors


(Photo : Instagram: @xxxibgdrgn)

Following this claim, GD also captured the attention of Korean media outlets and online communities. Some were quick to leave hate comments about G-Dragon, criticizing him for “targeting” minors like Wonyoung. The “That XX” singer was also mocked for his dating history.

As a result, VIPs expressed their rage on social media platforms, such as Twitter, and started trending the hashtag #FreeGDRAGON. They are also calling out YG Entertainment to make a move and free the male idol from rumors and defamation from the YouTuber.

The fandom is angry at the fact that although G-Dragon’s name and image are continuously being “destroyed” through rumors, and YG is still not doing anything about these malicious contents.

YG Entertainment is yet to release its response.

BIGBANG G-Dragon Criticized for Illegally Streaming ‘Infinite Challenge’

(Photo : 트렌드경제신문)

Meanwhile, BIGBANG released their full song “Still Life” in April after a long time. Even without promotion in music shows and broadcasts, the quartet proved their status as “King of K-pop” after snagging the top stop in various music charts, both domestically and internationally. 

Earlier, BIGBANG also became the only boy group to secure a spot in the MelOn Annual Chart to be released in 2023, showcasing their unrelenting impact and power.

G-DRAGON also remained influential in the fashion field, being invited to go to France to attend the 2023 S/S Paris Fashion Week on October 4.

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