Where Are SKARF Members Now? Update on Their Leader Tasha Low

K-pop fans of the early 2010s would probably remember a group with 2 Singaporean idols named SKarf. The girl group debuted in 2012 but disbanded after two years in 2014.

However, the activities of their former leader Tasha Low did not stop as the girl group from Alpha Entertainment disbanded. 

Where is Tasha now? Scroll down for more!

SKarf History: Member Changes And Disbandment

They officially debuted on August 14, 2012, with their first album, “Skarf”. The new girl group appeared in the reality program “Oh! My Skarf” on MBC MUSIC in order to gain more recognition.

Former K-pop group SKarf

(Photo : Alpha Ent – Twitter)
Where Are SKARF Members Now

Their debut song “Oh! Skarf” was followed by “Luv Virus” which gained more recognition for the group. They also held a showcase in Singapore for it.

Due to personal reasons, Sol left SKarf on December 30, 2012. Two new members, JooA a Korean member, and Hana a Japanese member, entered the group. 

The last official lineup only included Tasha, Jenny, JooA, and Hana because Ferlyn departed from SKarf in September 2014.

Ferlyn G, Former SKarf Member

(Photo : Ferlyn G – Instagram)
Former SKarf Member Ferlyn G

At the end of 2014, the group was disbanded due to matters not being released by their entertainment agency. 

SKarf Update: Where is Tasha Low Now?

After being the most known member of SKarf, the 1st Singaporean idol was given opportunities outside of the group activities. 

She became one of the hosts of Arirang’s “Pops In Seoul” in 2012. She also appeared in an MBC show for dancing titled “Gangnam Feel Dance”.

Former SKarf Member Tasha

(Photo : Alpha Ent – Twitter)
Former SKarf member Tasha as “Pops in Seoul” host.

In 2015, after SKarf’s disbandment, she appeared in Roy Kim’s music videos “Awaken” and “The Great Dipper”. 

Fast forward to 2017, she joined MNET’s survival reality show “Idol School” and was one of the favorite contestants. However, she was eliminated in episode 10 and did not get to debut.

After that, she decided to end her career in Korea and go back home to Singapore. In 2019, she was cast to play her first lead role in the web series “Cheerific”

She also appeared in the “Titoudao”, a television adaptation of Goh Boon Teck’s 1994 play, which debuted on Mediacorp Channel 5 on February 18, 2020. 

“Titoudao” was then dubbed into Chinese and aired on Mediacorp Channel 8 starting on May 18, 2020.

“The Diam Diam Era”, which debuted in 2020, and its follow-up, “The Diam Diam Era Two”, marked Tasha’s feature debut. 

She also had key roles in original Chinese drama series that were aired on Mediacorp Channel 8 in the years “Mind Jumper” and “Live Your Dreams”.

She now manages her Instagram account and posts pictures while doing small activities here and there. 

She also recently was in a Singaporean YouTube show with former co-member Ferlyn G who is now a soloist in China.

Two Former SKarf members - Ferlyn and Tasha

(Photo : Ferlyn G – Instagram)
Ferlyn and Tasha on “Assumptions About Me”.

SKarf Update: Hana Becomes Secret Number’s Lea

Former SKarf member Hana

(Photo : Secret Number – Twitter)
Lea, former SKarf member.

After the disbandment of SKarf, Hana stayed with CJ E&M Music for 2 years. She later on joined JTBC’s survival reality program with YG Entertainment “MIXNINE”. However, she was eliminated in episode 7. 

She is now the eldest member of Secret Number, a multinational girl group with six members from VINE Entertainment. 

On the other hand, JooA is now a musical theater actress in Korea. Meanwhile, Jenny is now an Instagram model.

Former Skarf Member

(Photo : Yu Yeon – Instagram)
Former SKarf member Instagram update.

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