Who Is Park Joo Bi? Rumored IVE Member Reportedly ‘Kicked Out’ Due To Jang Wonyoung

Recently, internet users’ interest in actress Park Joo Bi has been increasing. This is after speculations arose that she was supposed to join IVE until she was transferred to a different agency. Why is Jang Wonyoung involved?

Park Joo Bi’s Status After ‘Idol School’: Interest to Rumored IVE Member Increases

Who Is Park Joo Bi? Rumored IVE Member  'Kicked Out' Due To Jang Wonyoung

(Photo : Park Joo Bi (K-pop Wiki))

Born in 2004, Park Joo Bi who is 19 years old this year is known as a child actress, idol trainee and entertainer. She has appeared in various broadcasting programs such as “Ggurugi Life Inquiry,” “Hangul Yaho,” and “Tok!Tok! Boni, Hani.”

In 2014, she also made her debut in the musical “Migaloo’s Birthday Party” and later began her acting career as a child actress in Bae Suzy’s film, “The Sound of a Flower.” Her most notable appearance was when she played the role of IU’s child counterpart in the drama, The Producers.”

Later on, Joo Bi became more prominent in the K-pop scene after joining Mnet’s “Idol School” in 2017, which created the girl group fromis_9.

During her time in the show, the 04-line idol aspirant was lauded for her incredible visuals, singing and dancing skills. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in the 6th episode and completed the show as rank 30.

Above all her aforementioned background, what interested K-pop fans were the fact that she was under Starship Entertainment in the past as a trainee to become an idol. After about two years, she was transferred to King Kong by Starship and was introduced as an actress under the label.

Who Is Park Joo Bi? Rumored IVE Member  'Kicked Out' Due To Jang Wonyoung

(Photo : Park Joo Bi (K-pop Wiki))

In particular, she is currently attending Cheongdam High School, and she is an alumnus of IVE Liz. She also changed her name from Park Sun to Joo Bi, hinting full-fledged acting career.

In response, some speculated, “Did you take the IVE trainee course with Liz?”

Park Joo Bi Rumored to Almost Debut in IVE– Why Didn’t She Make It?

Amid rumors, the infamous gossip YouTube Sojang then uploaded two videos on September 28 and 30, featuring Park Joo Bi and her relationship with IVE.

The YouTuber claimed that it was true Park Joo Bi (Park Sun) almost became the seventh member of Starship’s new girl group PRISM (hereinafter IVE). The initial group’s name is said to follow the concept of the rainbow, where the septet represents an individual color.

Sojang then piqued the interest of viewers as they implied that IVE’s debut song “ELEVEN” includes lyrics that count from 1 to 7, not to mention that the group also represents a color from the rainbow except yellow.

Who Is Park Joo Bi? Rumored IVE Member  'Kicked Out' Due To Jang Wonyoung

(Photo : Park Joo Bi (K-pop Wiki))

Sojang explained that Joo Bi is set to debut with IVE, but Jang Wonyoung was accused of being the reason she wasn’t able to.

The YouTuber claimed that Jang is “jealous” of Joo Bi, because of her visuals and wealth. In context, Park is said to be the chaebol’s granddaughter (chaebol-extremely wealthy family). Adding her impressive idol skills, it is not impossible for her to be a group’s center.

IVE Jang Wonyoung Sparks Concern After Appearing Tired During Performance

(Photo : Jang Wonyoung Instagram)
IVE Jang Wonyoung 

Sojang continued that Jang Wonyoung was used to being the center after initially debuting in IZ*ONE; thus, she expressed her dislike to debut in the same group as Joo Bi.

In the end, Starship transferred Park to King Kong by Starship to pursue an acting career.

As of writing, Starship Entertainment is yet to provide its side about this issue.

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