Why is JYP Entertainment Asking for Fans’ Consideration?– Here’s What Happened

On October 31, 2022, JYP Entertainment released a statement and, enveloped in the announcement, is the talent agency’s favor of consideration to fans.

What is the announcement, and why is the entertainment company seeking fans’ understanding? Keep scrolling through this article to know the details.

JYP Seeks for Fans’ Understanding – Here’s What Happened

Through the Beyond Live platform, JYP Entertainment announced the cancellation of ‘TWICE FAN MEETING ONCE HALLOWEEN 3.’ The supposed event was meant to celebrate the girl group’s 7th anniversary via a fan meeting.

The announcement was disseminated by posting the statement on TWICE’s official Twitter page and TWICE Fan Community.


(Photo : TWICE Fan Community)

According to the management, the artists and staff are mourning because of the tragic Itaewon incident, thus leading to the decision to halt the fan meeting that was scheduled initially on November 5, 2022, Saturday.  

TWICE Fan Meeting Official Poster

(Photo : Twitter || @JYPETWICE)

The agency also wrote:

“We also considered changing the concept, but we would like to ask for the fans’ understanding of the final cancellation decision due to various aspects such as the lack of time physically. We will guide you through it.”

In this decision, TWICE’s entertainment agency is asking for ONCEs’ consideration of the decision and has reassured the fans that they will be guided for further instructions in the future.

In concluding the statement, JYP Entertainment has sent its condolences to the victims and their families. Alongside, the talent agency hopes that the injured individuals will recover quickly.

As initially plotted, the TWICE members are supposed to meet their fans, ONCEs, at KBS Arena in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, on Saturday at 1 PM and 7 PM.

Together with JYP Entertainment and TWICE, the whole music and entertainment industry, not just in South Korea but also globally, is grieving the disaster that happened in Itaewon last October 29, 2022.

More importantly, to commemorate the victims and respect their families, most K-pop acts’ schedules are canceled or postponed.

How Did TWICE Celebrate Their 7th Anniversary? #EveryONCEmatters


(Photo : Twitter || @JYPETWICE)

In celebration of their 7th debut anniversary, TWICE opened an exhibition and pop-up store entitled ‘Together 1&2′, which was meant to share the members’ precious flashes as TWICE members with their fans.

In a VLive broadcast, TWICE expressed how happy they are that they reached seven years in the industry. Wholesomely, the girls mentioned that their fans, the ONCEs, are their most precious gift.

TWICE mentioned:

“Nobody can be sure of eternity, but we hope that your moment with us will be remembered forever.”

In celebration of this milestone for the girls, numerous ONCE fanbases have assembled and organized events through for-a-cause initiatives and digital billboard greetings.

According to a local news site, TWICE’s fans in the Philippines hosted fundraising for the benefit of helping the advocates of mental health awareness and anti-bullying campaigns.

Supplementarily, the fund-raising event was supported by local and international ONCEs, hence garnering accumulated donations to expand the advocacy!

Indeed, TWICE is not just a model of talent and visuals but also mobilizes and inspires its fans to pay it forward.

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