YG Entertainment Responds to BLACKPINK Jennie & BTS V Dating Rumors

YG Entertainment gives a response to the dating rumors surrounding BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V.

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YG Entertainment Gives Brief Response to BLACKPINK Jennie & BTS V’s Dating Rumors

On May 23 KST, the internet went into a frenzy after BLACKPINK member Jennie and BTS member V became the talk of the town with their dating rumors.

On this day, dating rumors surrounding Jennie and V surfaced after a photo of two individuals resembling the idols quickly spread on numerous online communities.

In the photo, assumed to have been taken in Jeju Island according to the photo, shows V and Jennie in a car, while the former drives and Jennie relaxes in the passenger seat. Both the idols can also be seen wearing shades.

YG Entertainment Responds to BLACKPINK Jennie & BTS V Dating Rumors

(Photo : Sisa Magazine)
Alleged photo of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie

This eventually led netizens questioning the relationship between Jennie and V. However, many have also questioned the authenticity of the photo.

Numerous BTS fans, ARMYs, have claimed that the photo is edited, and that the person who is assumed to be Jennie is actually fellow BTS member J-Hope during BTS’ filming for their own reality-variety show “In The Soop.”

However, BLACKPINK fans, BLINKs, confirmed that Jennie does own the same pair of shades as seen in the circulating photo. But they are also skeptical in the photo’s authenticity.

YG Entertainment Responds to BLACKPINK Jennie & BTS V Dating Rumors

(Photo : Twitter: @123_ilymanoban)
Alleged real photo of BTS V and J-Hope during ‘In The Soop’

While netizens refuted the claims from both fandoms, stating that such a photo is difficult to edit due to the lighting and shadows, more so in a moving car.

In addition, they explained that V was wearing a different shirt during his alleged Jeju trip from when he was there with J-Hope and the rest of BTS for “In The Soop.”

In fact, this isn’t the first time that V and Jennie were caught in a dating rumor. Back in December 2021, V accidentally followed Jennie on Instagram, but quickly unfollowed her after.


(Photo : Facebook: BTS)

Not long after the incident, V subtly denied the sparking dating rumors on Weverse by saying, “Is there a way to get rid of the ‘recommended’ friends list here on this Insta thing?…. It is a scary app.”

Following the constant unrest among fans and media outlets over the speculation, Jennie’s label YG Entertainment gave a brief response on the rumors.

YG Entertainment said, “We have nothing to say [regarding the matter]. We will inform you if we have a different response to share.”


(Photo : Instagram: @jennierubyjane)

Meanwhile, V’s label Big Hit Music has yet to share a statement.

BIGBANG G-Dragon Sparks Breakup Rumors After Unfollowing Jennie on Instagram

In other news, BIGBANG’s frontman G-Dragon has sparked breakup rumors with Jennie.

While Jennie’s romantic relationship with G-Dragon has yet to be confirmed since 2021, many believed she and G-Dragon have called it quits on May 21.

Fans claim that G-Dragon’s alleged private Instagram account has unfollowed Jennie, while he continues to follow the rest of the BLACKPINK members.

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