‘Young & Rich’ K-pop Idols With Most Expensive Cars: BLACKPINK Jennie, Somi, More!

These idols’ cars will shock you with their tags! In a recent broadcast, BLACKPINK Jennie, Jeon Somi, and more ranked as K-pop stars with the most luxurious sports cars.

Who’s No. 1?

TMI Show’s List of ‘Stars With Most Expensive Cars’: BLACKPINK Jennie, Somi, More!

Mnet’s “TMI NEWS SHOW,” which was broadcast on May 25, unveiled the “Young & Rich” stars who drive expensive cars.

On the list, SHINee Key ranked 11th with his luxury car, which has the charm of both sports cars and coupe sedans. It is said that the car’s worth is 249 million KRW (or 197,000 USD)!

Song Mino of WINNER then ranked 10th as he owns an Aston Martin’s DB11 Coupe model and costs 279 million KRW (220,000 USD).

Among female idols, “Human Chanel” Jennie of BLACKPINK was also introduced as a “Young & Rich” star who is a driver of a Porche supercar.

Boom said:

“Everything is a trend if she does it. She is a walking human luxury, a luxury person by her existence.”

Jennie, the icon of recognized fashion, is currently Chanel’s global brand ambassador. Her luxury car with red seats surprised everyone when it was revealed that it costs 290 million KRW (230,000 USD).

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon then ranked 8th among “Young & Rich” star who rides three expensive cars.

In the past, the “DEEP” singer was seen driving BMW Mini Cooper and Land Rover Range Rover Sport. The price of the three SUVs she owned is said to be about 381 million KRW (301,000 USD).

Jeon Somi has been revealed to own a 417 million KRW (330,000 USD) supercar, ranking 7th. She owns a Mercedes-Benz G65.

Rapper Beenzino entered the top 5 and also owned three supercars which cost a total of over 500 million KRW (395,000 USD).

2PM Lee Junho Ranks No. 1 Idol With Most Expensive Sports Car

While professional soccer player Son Heung Min ranked first overall, 2PM Junho, who ranked second, is the highest-ranking star among idols. Not only that his hobby is driving alone, but the idol-actor is actually to collecting sports cars!

In his individual “MUST” teaser video, the car he was washing was actually his. It was a high-performance British sports car that was voted the most beautiful car at the 2019 International Car Festival. It also appeared in the Hollywood action-thriller “Fast and Furious.”

The price of Lee Junho’s sports car has a whopping price of 359 million KRW (283,000 USD).

In addition, it’s been said that Junho owns Company Lamborghini Gallardo model, a representative supercar of Italy, which is worth 324 million KRW (256,000 USD).

All in all, the total price of Junho’s three sports cars, including a Hyundai Grand Starex, is about 726 million KRW (573,000 USD)!

Whose car is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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